Spring Chicks


Two chicken posts in a row aren’t you guys lucky? Seriously though, this one is packed full of pictures of tiny chicks so you should be melting from oohing and ahhing over them!

One of our babies, now named Victoria, from last year only went and hatched her first brood of chicks on the 15th of April. I hadn’t pegged much hope on her sitting for the entire 3 weeks as she’s only 10 months old but she did and she is a veryΒ grumpyΒ wonderful protective Momma Hen.

There were four in total, one yellow, two red and one yellow and black! Within a week they started to lose their fluffiness and grow teeny tiny wing and bum feathers (important ones first, eh!) and they started to free rangeΒ in the vegetable patch.

Now at three weeks old they are mostly feathered up, still very vocal but are gaining more independence every day. It’s fun watching them play hide and seek in Momma Hen’s wings and take little spins on her back or use it as a slide. I’m guessing the little black chick is a rooster and I am hoping the others are hens!

With these four chicks, our bird total is now 30, with more non laying birds than layers. The new chicken empire is in planning stages so hopefully I will be able to evict the chickens from the other half of the veg patch into their very own shed and run. That way I can claim back my veggie patch and get another little tunnel for our tomatoes and peppers!

I just need a small lottery win…


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