The Islanders

I fear there are not many things I truly excel at. I used to be the chief letter writer in our family, but baby brain, you know? I’m not especially talented at cooking or baking or DIY. Things I am good at are: reversing cars, binge watching series on Netflix and collecting animals.
Not the little china ornament ones that collect dust on shelves, oh no no, my bank balance would prefer that. I collect real animals, not in a hunting-mount-heads-on–wall kinda way. For example, 5 years ago I decided to “foster” a little collie x terrier puppy, he’s still here. Then there’s Daisy Dog  who was dumped near my parents house and has now been here over 16 months. There was the time one of our two goldfish died so we went to buy him a friend but there was only 2 left in the tank at the pet shop so we ended up with both of them who ended up eating the lonely fish.

There has been times that I have stopped the car and whipped off my jumper to wrap around an injured crow with a dodgy wing and driving it to a sanctuary located an hour away. I am that person who, whilst driving, gasps loudly then brakes because I mistook a discarded coffee cup for a hedgehog/rabbit/bird/fox/unicorn which might need my help.

Needless to say, even though I swore off getting rescue hens again because of the problems they can end up with, when LittleHill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary were on a mission to save nearly 7,000 hens from going to slaughter after their miserable lives in a battery farm I just had to take 4!

It has been over 7 weeks since we collected these 4 hens (ironically) from outside a KFC in Little Island and they have come on leaps and bounds.

They are not scared of noises or humans or you know, light and open space! They free range happily with the rest of the flock and their living quarters have been moved from the safety of the vegetable patch in with the other coops in the Chicken Empire. They get to dust bathe, scratch and do other chicken-y things. It truly has been lovely to watch them flourish from scared, scrawny dishevelled looking things to happy, confident disheveled looking chickens.

Meet the Islanders!


*A draft of this post has been sitting in WP for about 5 weeks so I’m just going with it!


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