Goats: The Dream vs The Reality

While we were on holidays last year, we stayed in a B&B next to Áras Chois Fharraige Nursing Home and Tabitha happened to spy two pygmy goats on one of her many adventures around the garden. So we had to investigate, alas it was raining and the goats refused to come out of their cosy shed but we all oohed and aahed at their adorableness whilst we stood there in the rain. Anyway, it turns out that this nursing home has goats, chickens, an aquarium and a cockatoo for their residents to benefit their physical and mental health. Pet Therapy, how awesome is that? The residents even get a potted plant to take care of!

Needless to say these two adorable goats got me thinking; we have some land out back, not loads but maybe enough to keep two pet goats…

I’ve often thought that maybe I could borrow some goats to help with keeping the grass down out back (or geese, but geese are seriously territorial and truthfully, I’m kinda scared of them!) but it was never more than just a fleeting notion.

Lately, I’ve been talking about it more and more, at first it started off in a jovial “I’m not allowed have any more chickens so can I have goats?” kinda way to “Can we seriously talk about getting some goats in the spring?” and then this appeared in my Facebook feed and it was taken to the next level…

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.58.17

I called Irish Wildlife Sanctuary to find out what their process is for adopting goats and after speaking with Heather we are currently in Goat Limbo and awaiting a home check!

The Dream: Get two goats and live happily ever after

The Reality:

  • Money: aside from the initial cost of adopting and transporting two goats here we have to consider a goat house, fencing, worming, bedding and feed. Most of this will be a once off initial cost but we still have to factor this into our finances (3 dogs & 24 birds can take it’s toll on the auld bank balance)
  • Space: Do we really have enough space? And is it secure enough? We might have 6ft high stone walls around most of our field but goats can jump and climb if the grass is greener on the other side! `
  • Noise: We live at the edge of a small village in a rented house so we do have neighbours. I’m not sure if goats are particularly noisy? No more so than the horses or chickens/roosters?
  • Extra work: It’s two more souls to feed and tend to before ourselves in the morning, two more bodies to keep happy and healthy and another animal house to clean out
  • The Unkown: We don’t really know anything about goats! My parents kept goats but I was knee high to a grasshopper so I don’t remember them. Still,  we didn’t really know anything about chickens either but over the last 2 years we know more than we ever thought we could know about chickens. Plus Andy indulged my goat notion and bought us this


I am so used to just jumping into things and hoping for the best but we are really taking our time over this one. I think if I didn’t have to sort out proper fencing this blog post would be more of a “We got goats!” post rather than “we are thinking about getting goats!”

What do you think? Should we “goat” there?

Ps. This will make your day!


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