Dash and Beep

Dash and Beep are two of the many new members of the Chicken Empire. Little Molly sat very determinedly on 4 eggs and out popped these two. Unfortunately, one had started to pip through but s/he didn’t make it out and died *sad face*

It became apparent after a few weeks that Dash was one fine looking rooster (agh, another rooster!) with his massive feet and big red comb and Beep is a beautiful, dainty hen. I believe that Dash hatched from one of Dot’s (Bluebell) eggs and Beep from one of Wanda’s (White Leghorn). I love how their colouring is splashed with auburn (I’m guessing from Cock’s side). They really are two gorgeous looking birds!

Molly, their surrogate mum, is a fantastic little mum. She picks fights with the others if one of them so much as look at her babies and she teaches them everything they need to know! The only downside to Molly is that she’s quite skittish and therefore her babies are too making them hard to handle.

These two are their own little flock and keep to themselves. They used to be glued to Molly’s side but then Molly thought it would be fun to sit on some more eggs for three weeks. I was allowed get six eggs so naturally I came back with ten…

So, for now we watch as Dash and Beep become part of the main flock and we wait patiently for the next clutch to hatch!



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