Bits & Peace

Organised Chaos There are some days where this cluttered mantle would bug me but I love it today. It’s full of life, little bits of our life.

We’ll start with the flowers. Tulips are my favourite flower and are just as much a staple item in our home as a tin of baked beans. Naturally, I have both cut tulips and some more are poking through in that blue bowl. The chrysanthemums are bright and bushy and add volume (much like the promise of some shampoos. I much prefer looking at flowers than people’s hair though. Or my own hairΒ for that matter).

My ladybird money box hiding behind the blue and white jug. Money in there? Hell no! Chicken feathers tied with an elastic band and shoved into the coin slot. All of my spare change heads it’s way into Tabitha’s piggy bank, my money box is purely for decorative purposes.

Matches, last used to light those pink candles for a date night with Andy. Date night was dinner whilst watching Parks & Recreation. I don’t remember what episode it was or what we had for dinner but I remember lighting the candles and arranging them far enough away from my Mac so there wouldn’t be some kind of hot wax Mac-tastrophe.

The little lego Christmas tree was from a Lego Friends magazine T picked out in Sainsbury’s, Angel. At this point it will remain there all year round (only 297 days until December 25th) but it won’t make its way into the lego tubs.

Between the tulips is a cat bookmark that Tabitha made at Easter Camp in play school last year. It’s been floating from cabinet to shelf to windowsill and back again, not really having a permanent home. It may end up in her memory box or her art folder at some point but for now, there it shall stay.

The chicken print was a gift from my sister (even though we said we weren’t doing Christmas gifts!). Given my obsession with chickens and that both of us love the art of Molly from Ewe Sir, it’s a pretty damn perfect gift.

The bits you can’t see; there’s a small cracked Wedgewood jug holding pencils, pens, batteries and measuring tape. A mixed media piece of art work my niece made for me years ago sits on the far left, a matt black framed Aquaman print bookends the right end of the mantle nicely. A small white bird cage holds a solitary Lego snowman (he’s probably longing to stand by the Lego Christmas tree!).

It’s mixed and random on that mantle and if you were to ask me to photograph the same place next week or next month it will have changed again. The same clutter just organised differently with new flowers adorning the vases, all sorts of letters stashed behind the art and new biros in the Wedgewood jug.

The mantle is very much like me in some ways. Different, organised chaos. Some days it bugs me, today I loved it.


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