Day Sixty Six

After a weekend of my sick bed, I was more than happy to do all the crappy jobs I have been putting off…

The flowers are from a seed box from Lidl and I’m quite impressed with the show!

Lester the dog is an idiot, you can tell from this photo as he’s in the rabbit hutch (I did not make this hutch, I can assure you of that!)

I sorted out under the stairs including the Cardboard Tool Box, sorted screws, nuts and bolts into different jam jars…

We built a barn from some empty converse shoe boxes

I sawed the legs off Tabs’ chalkboard (we’re going to hang it on the wall as it keeps falling over!) and Tabs insisted I made a telescope

I’m patiently waiting for my ‘matoes to ripen

Tabitha had lunch in her very own cafe because we had rearranged her play area part of which she helped assemble…



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