Day Forty Seven

Before I started this #100DaysOfHappiness I promised myself that 1. I would finish the challenge, 2. I would not get lazy and pick something ridiculously inane and 3. I would write loads and figure out the real meaning of life and happiness. Obviously this would in turn blow your minds and I would change your lives forever, blah blah blah blah!

I have to admit, some days it is harder to find those profound moments of happiness that make you think you’ve changed the world. Some days I function on auto pilotΒ  and there is nothing epic about my days so it does end up being the regular things that make the difference.

For Day Forty Seven I remembered I had was given this stash of Percy Pigs and boy it made my day!

So, maybe what I’m really learning is that it is perfectly acceptable to allow those regular things be the big things in your day because sometimes they are exactly what we need.



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