Day Forty Six

Day Forty Six of #100DaysOfHappiness was an adventure day so we headed 30 minutes away and took a tour of Mitchelstown Cave.

I can just about scrape a few memories of the last time I visited these caves and obviously I blocked out the 88 dodgy terrifying steep steps into the cave from those memories.

Tabs was very unsure and very nervous but between us both encouraging her and holding her hands and the hope of seeing cave fairies she walked down. At one point when we reached the steps with no back to them (one of my many fears), my whole body froze, my flight instinct kicked in and I thought “you know what, me and T, we can just not go down…” and I was so very ready to turn around but I’m really proud of myself for pushing through the fear and heading down. Now, I must say flip flops are not an ideal choice of footwear for cave tours but I stupidly left my converse by the front door.

The caves are truly beautiful and I want to say magical (and sparkly and slimy according to Tabs). It’s hard to believe people used to give tours down there by candlelight up until the 70s.

UnfortunatelyΒ  photography is not permitted in the caves so you will have to make do with the cave entrance and the beautiful Galtee mountains in the distance.



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