Day Thirty Seven

That Timehop app is sweet, cringe worthy and a curse all at the same time. Reminders of the Facebook statuses in an attempt to catch a certain someone’s attention, being able to pin point where you were, who you were with and those all important tiny baby photos that were abandoned in another Facebook account. I spent Sunday googling how to save albums from Facebook and then uploading them again and adding dates and captions.

It’s quite unnerving how evocative photographs can be.

From this tiny little newborn to this independent, funny, clever, bright, stubborn, creative and gorgeous little girl in three and half very short and fast years. Where has that time gone?

All of the photos that I have of this little human that I made are my most precious.


Newborn Tabitha

Newborn Tabitha 28/12/10

Daisy Chain T

1,296 days old 16/7/14



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