Day Thirteen

I’ve been in London for one week now and I am starting to get homesick although in another sense there isn’t anywhere I’d rather be. Long distance relationships are complicated. I’m finding silly little things the hardest; not composting stuff and not being able to open a door and potter outside in the garden is just weird. If me and T need some space to potter we have to pack up the buggy and walk or get the bus somewhere. In saying that we have been so lucky with the constant sunshine since we got here. I’m not used to the constant noise either, buses rumbling by and people chatting almost inviting you into their conversation yet no birdsong in the mornings (except that one bird who mimics a car alarm!). Most people in London have a strange force-field around them, they want you to notice them but not to interact with them.

This morning I couldn’t bear the thought of another day around central London, using the infinite number of Prets to navigate our way and all the tourists standing in the middle of the street to take photographs of phone boxes. I thought of going to Kew Gardens but I would have had to have been a bit more organised so I ended up searching for local petting farms. There was three near enough but I chose the nearest one called Freightliners Farm even though it was probably the smallerΒ  of the three and had limited amount of animals. The main reason I chose it was because it is the only city farm in the UK which has a non-slaughtering policy and has a vegetarian cafe!

We spent the afternoon there pottering around. The farm itself it very well designed. There are ample amount of handwash stations, the paths are bark chipped (T’s buggy went along fine on these but a bigger/bulkier buggy might have had more trouble. I did notice a buggy park on the way out), the barn was divided into different sections and the animals had the deepest straw beds I’ve ever seen. The vegetable garden and geodome were full of chillies, beans, potatoes, sweetcorn not to mention companion plants. The Bee House was fenced off but had a wonderful little meadow type garden around it. There were three small paddocks with sheep, goats and two cows and lots of runs full of the most beautiful chickens. There was a goose and duck area where they had a pond and also an aviary with a few birds in it. All the animals were very well looked after and everywhere was spotlessly clean! My only complaint is that there was very little information about the animals (breeds etc) and the plants.

The cafe served amazing food. I had a aubergine and chickpea stew served with some salad from the farm’s garden and two enormous slices of bread. The raspberry and chocolate brownie was mouthwatering! They had a large outside seating area covered with grapevines and trees and a small seating area inside.

It was so lovely to go somewhere where I felt completely comfortable in this big city, where Tabitha was asking me questions that I was able to answer and being surrounded by nature and mostly a community that have a positive environmental ethos within a busy city suburb where nothing stops for too long.

I needed this today for my #100DaysOfHappiness


4 responses to “Day Thirteen

  1. What a lovely post! How funny that I suggested it the day after you visited? Having grown up in the London area and living and working here now I even find it strange and noisy. I’m a city girl by circumstance but a country girl heart I think. I’m a big daydreamer so I’m always noticing the pretty things in the ugly city, the green in between.

    I really envy your lovely garden, doggies and home 😊 I’m lucky that my allotment is a green haven and we have loads of woods around here, even an owl out the back! Next time your over I can show you and T some of my favourite green havens or even visit our plot?

    Emma x


    • Oh Emma, it was lovely. I’d recommend popping in some time! This trip has definitely made up my mind, I couldn’t live in a city or even a suburb. You are more than welcome to come visit us anytime and we would love to see your allotment. Ros and I are always envious of your allotment xx


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