Day Four

I spent the morning in the city rushing around picking up a few necessities for our upcoming holiday. I was on my lonesome. No toddler demands or tears (although I think T is well passed her toddling stage but I am trying to hold onto any bit of baby that I can). I was certain that this would be my entry for today. I imagined sitting down and drinking tea somewhere entirely lovely without having to get up and ask for straws or having to tell a story or share cake. But I ended up confusing myself with time and unnecessarily putting myself under pressure even though I had plenty of time.

The afternoon was filled with demands and tears and also was spent filling paddling pools, building a course of horse jumps and thinking up ridiculous actions for my nieces to do for a very long game of Simon Says. I began to worry that I wouldn’t have anything for today and my whole #100DaysOfHappiness would be doomed.

Then, amongst all chaos I saw this.

For me, there is no better sign that Summer is here. Strawberries picked whilst still warm from the sun.

Summer Perfection. Yet they never ripen all at once, teasing the summer season out a little longer.

Just A Little More Sun

Just A Little More Sun


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