Day Three

I wouldn’t consider myself a materialistic person. I don’t want to drive Mercs or wear watches that cost hundreds of euro. I couldn’t ever justify spending an extortionate amount of money on something that:

  1. I would probably break/lose
  2. Wasn’t incredibly practical
  3. I possibly wouldn’t like in time.

Give me a garden shed or paintbrushes over a sun holiday any day.

If I have spare money I buy chalk paint, furniture to paint with the chalk paint or something entirely random like chickens (which are incredibly practical as they provide manure, eggs, entertainment and an everyday alarm call).

But maybe that can be seen as materialistic to some?

To me, it is the simple pleasures that cost very little but provideΒ an every day joy of watching something grow.

Today, playing musical pots on the various windowsills in my house was my #100DaysOfHappiness entry.

Musical Pots

Musical Pots

(p.s. Does anyone else think that the bathroom is also a most excellent plant hospital?)

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