Day Two

When I was a kid, at Halloween, we would have coconuts or maybe just one, I can’t quite remember. This was a big deal. I remember taking them down to the garage (at the time it was a shed made of corrugated iron where my dad kept EVERYTHING one could never need!) and my dad would clamp the coconut(s) and drill holes in them and then drain the coconut milk from them. I’m not sure I ever liked the coconut milk, it was probably more of the ritual with my dad that I enjoyed than anything to do with the actual coconuts.

Today’s #100DaysofHappiness has to do with that Halloween ritual. Lately, Tabitha has been obsessed with coconuts. She claims they’re her favourite! I’m not even sure she’s ever seen one until today when we had to pop into Lidl earlier and low and behold; COCONUTS! For 89c. I thought she was going to burst out of her skin with excitement. She clutched that little coconut all the way home.

As it was Father’s Day, we were going to be visiting my dad so I explained to her that Bei (he doesn’t like to be called granddad and it’s pronounced bay) could drill the holes in the coconut and we could drink the milk.

And we did just that.

I am eternally grateful for being able to go visit my dad on Father’s Day and for Tabitha to share something with him that I did as a child.




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