Day One

It was hot today. I have this inability to function in heat and I’m also terrified of getting sunburned within an inch of my life. I thought about sunbathing out the back but realised I would either end up being a perch for the chickens or slobbered on by one of the two ponies who have taken up residence out there. I somehow committed today the day to go out and pooh pick (for manure reasons!) but ended up pottering about in the garden and with the chickens and ponies.

Tabby has named these two ponies; Trigger (the dark brown pony) and Tara (the bay mare). Tara is a little skittish and a bit bossy but she isn’t too bothered about being fussed over. Trigger on the other hand has stolen my heart. I know nothing about him, nope, not even his real name! I do know that he needs a visit from a farrier and a bit of a groom but I no longer own any grooming stuff so scratches from me will have to do. He’s a gorgeous, bomb proof gentleman. I was out back earlier hanging out the dog beds and I stood there shaking the blankets right next to him and he didn’t as so much as bat one of his handsome brown eyes. I even threw one on him and he kind of looked at me to say “why are you doing this, it’s terribly boring!”. I bet he was a Spitfire Pilot in his last life and went around saying “Spiffing idea, chap” a lot.

As I said it was hot and no better a day for T to take a dip in the horse’s water barrel. What ensued was a moment of utter happiness and surprise, sheer delight and something I was so damn lucky to have managed to photograph.


Trigger stood back from the water barrel which was occupied by Tabby so I got him a trug full of water and held it up for him to drink, he took a sip but didn’t appear bothered so I set it down on the pile of fence posts so it wouldn’t get kicked over. Then Trigger walked over to the trough and started lowering his head and sniffing Tabs. She started to call out to me but I told her not to worry, that I was right there and wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. I explained that she shouldn’t splash him or jump around. She stood quietly and Trigger started to drink peacefully.

As they so cheesily say, a picture paints a thousand words…

You Can Take A Horse To Water

You Can Take A Horse To Water

And this folks is day one of my next #100DaysOfHappiness


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