And So It Begins…


January is nearly over. It’s my ‘obstacle’ month. It’s about trying to rid my house of the endless stream of pine needles, the copious amounts of wrapping paper and recycling, trying to juggle finances after Christmas and recovering from festive overindulgence. It’s about getting back to normal. It’s hard and dreary and there are no sparkly, twinkly Christmas lights to brighten up the grey days. To me January just doesn’t count. I don’t put myself under pressure to lose weight or eat healthily or stop spending or all of the other 100’s of resolutions I should probably make.

I just get by.


Three weeks into the new year, I can start to taste February, the sunlight streaming into the kitchen, the bulbs unleashing their green spears through the soil and I start to dream of daffodil trumpets adorning ditches, pathways, pots and gardens, shouting Spring Is Here!

I can feel myself coming out of hibernation. I am finally excited about this year and all the potential it holds. I am ready to be inspired but I must take my time. I want to plan this year carefully, I want to do it right. It is, after all, the only 2014 we will have.

I have things in mind I want to do this year and I am sureΒ  I will stumble across more things. I want to learn to not be terrified of food and I would like to learn to cook more than just pasta sauces and curries and I would love to bake bread. I want to keep a Happiness Jar and fill it up. I know this potentially sounds pathetic but sometimes we need reminders of the simple things. The first GIY meeting of the year has inspired me to have a go at wine making. I am going to paint more. I am going to start making my own path. I am going to grow my hair long enough to tie it into a pony tail that swishes. I am going to post 100 postcards to 100 random addresses in Ireland*. I am going to be a better person, a nicer person. I am going to stop collecting animals. I will take more photographs. I will write more, so much more. I will be a kick ass gardener. I am going to beg, borrow or steal a macro lens for my DSLR.

I am excited for shiny new seed packets, plans of garden paths and for summer. I am excited for discovery and new adventures. But we’ll take it one day at a time, right?

What are your plans for this year?


*Or if you ask nicely, I’ll send you one, where ever you are in the world, just let me know!


18 responses to “And So It Begins…

    • Well if you or anyone you know would like a postcard, let me know! Bought my first book of stamps today so the first 10 will be going out soon! πŸ™‚


  1. February will always be the month of daylight to me, as we say goodbye to winter and head into the brighter, and dare I say warmer, months


  2. Good luck with all the positive plans – painting, cooking, gardening, animals, writing … we’ve similar tastes… and look forward to perhaps a mid-term and end-of-year review?


  3. Nothing sounds pathetic in this post, it’s fabulous, it makes me “taste” February. I love when January is finished too. I’ve been digging in the rain and darkness and it’s no fun at all. You are going to have a fabulous 2014, I really like your way of thinking, it *is* the only 2014 we’ll have! If you would like a postcard back let me know, I will be happy to oblige! Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Joanna! I just hope I stick to my plan. I need to concentrate on the simple things (like picnics with T) and not obsess about the stressful things. Easier said than done I think!


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