Dear Daughter…

It’s not always rosy in the garden is it?

I wrote “Today Meant” on one of those days where Tabitha just blew my mind.

Today she blew my mind in other ways.

Today meant a very early start because you heard a noise in your room. You thought it was a tiger. So, you came into my bed andΒ  you became a noise in my room.

Today meant we played with Lego, with your Russian Nesting Doll and fairy gliders all before 7.30am.

In Between Tears Feeding Raspberries To The Lego Horse

In Between Tears Feeding Raspberries To The Lego Horse

Today meant you wept after your Aunty when she left for work.

Today meant banana pancakes with blueberries and raspberries. I asked if you could taste your raspberry pancake. You said yes. I had a taste. You cried and screamed over it. I gave you a raspberry from my bowl of fruit. You threw it at me. I ate it. You cried again because I ate it. I gave you another but it was too squishy. It may have been the way you were squishing it in your hands but I can’t be too sure.

The Tears

The Tears

Today meant you cried when the pancake broke. It broke because you pulled it apart. Luckily you were able to mush it all back together again.

Today meant endless cups of unfinished, misplaced, cold cups of tea.

Today meant I ate my breakfast (a bowl of fruit and a cup of tea) over 40 minutes while I tended to your every whim, your tears and requests for more pancakes.

Today meant the end of the world because we had no strawberries.

(**By definition of today meant that this all occurred by 8.20am!)

Today also meant trying to distract you from dramas so we coloured pictures and wrote letters to friends, played toys and had a nap. It meant we went to the post office and we got a treat in the shop and you happily carried the little paper bag which was nearly as big as you out to the car.

Tonight meant, you woke extremely upset with a pain in your leg so you came downstairs and watched Iron Man with me. You loved every single bit of it. You wanted to have a go in a fighter jet, of course, but you did not want to be a robot. By the time I put you back to bed, you decided you did want to be a robot after all, but a pink one, a girlie one.

Enthralled by Iron Man

Enthralled by Iron Man

Tonight meant, after five minutes in your bed, you crept into my room and slept the whole night through and at 8am we started all over again….

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Grump

And I still wouldn’t change it for the world…


13 responses to “Dear Daughter…

  1. Read this just before running out the door on an errand and now have to wait and make a cup of tea and wait for my eyes and nose to stop being red. Beautiful words to treasure for T in years to come. And how grown-up she’s getting! xx


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