Having never really thought about it much before or having never been to Californa, it keeps popping up recently and I’ve connected some of my favourite things to California.

Firstly, a blog that I am truly enchanted by and one that you must go read is Hrygth. Ruth is a Californian girl, living in rural Ireland with her fiancΓ© (awwww). She has a pet goat that she takes for walks, had her first snow experience in Ireland, has an allotment and just has a magical way with words and a camera that captures her life here.

The second connection has to do with one of myΒ  weird little obsessions; carnivorous plants. I happened uponΒ  the most amazing account on Instagram belonging to Rob Co. Rob lives in California and owns glass house full of carnivorous plants. He has also helped me out more than once with issues I’ve had with my plants. He has even sympathised with me when a stray dog I was minding got on the windowsill and smashed my most prized Pitcher plant to pieces. He gave me the encouragement to start again and the plant is coming on nicely after some TLC. Most recently he sent me in-depth emails identifying fungal rot and red mites on a withering pitcher plant I had. Rob was kind enough to offer advice and sent plenty of links on what to do and where to purchase in the EU. Super kind of him

Rob has his own blog, The Pitcher Plant Project, with some of the most stunning photographs of these wonderful (I really want to say eccentric!) plants.

These are photographs of my very small collection of carnivorous plants. Unfortunately, they’re hard to get hold of here and maybe one day I’ll be able to expand my collection. (Please click on Rob’s Instagram account linked above to check out his glasshouse full carnivorous plants (and the odd Dahlia too!) and I can guarantee you will be blown away by them!)

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So my next favourite Californian related thing is, of course, the Californian Poppy. Small, sweet, delicate looking but tough as old boots. For some reason none of mine took this year (I blame the dogs using the flower bed as their own personal quarry where they can dig for stones) but here are a few photos of some I had last year.

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One of my (many) favourite songs happens to be California by The Kooks. I very definitely remember planting some Californian Poppies back in March whilst listening to this song and texting someone who was in California. I call it Multi-California-tasking…

*If I ever do get to California, one thing you won’t catch me doing is having a cold coffee. You know who you are.*


2 responses to “California

  1. Awww… thanks so much! I’m so glad you like it.

    Have you ever listened to Mason Jennings? He wrote that. πŸ™‚ Definitely one of my favourite artists. I made a video for it once-
    That is my mummy and my nephew. πŸ™‚ I filmed it along the California coastline. If you ever get out there, definitely take a drive up highway 1.


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