Chocolate. Criminal Minds. Music. These are my addictions. They could be worse.

And paint. Chalk Paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I can’t help it. I get a tin and I have to paint everything in sight.

It started small. I wanted to paint the shelves and cupboards in the bathroom. I read that this magic chalk paint goes on everything and seeing as the cupboards are made of that cheap, shiny, plastic-y coated wood, I figured it would be a good test as you don’t have to sand, prime, strip etc. You just paint it on. So I did, and it worked. So then I thought I would paint the risers on the stairs as I had loads of paint left over. I did and that worked too and it made my stairs look a million dollars.

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Then I bought a dresser and a tin of Paris Grey Chalk Paint and after five hours one evening, I had finished painting it. Though it didn’t quite work out. Whatever finish had been on the dresser had been oil based and it came through the chalk paint leaving dark stains. And I just wasn’t happy with the paint job anyway. I was sloppy. Then I learned about Annie Sloan Wax and how I should have been using this on the shelves, cupboards, stairs and dresser. Major whoops.

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So, I left the Annie Sloaning be for a while until one day when I figured I needed to re-do the stairs, along with a wax this time and I purchased a sample pot of yellow too, just in case. I never got around to re-doing the stairs as there was a Paint-tastrophe on my lawn!

Then I accidentally bought a little small hall table for €8. It had several layers of thick white gloss paint which was not a good look. So I started to work on that.

Even though you don’t have to strip the furniture before painting, I did this time as the sample pots are small so I didn’t want to waste any (and the shop where I buy them is over an hours drive away!). Plus, there must have been about 8 layers of gloss paint and I really wanted a clean finish. This little now table stands in my hallway, with a vase of flowers on it and various bits and pieces (sometimes too many bits of pieces!)

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My latest purchase was a quirky little stool/table for €15. I do like  hot pink, but I’m not a big enough fan of pink to look at it everyday so as soon as I got home it got a coat of Old White. It’s now my bedside table and I think I shall leave it be for a little while until I decide on Florence a colour. I also picked up some cheap photograph frames in a €2 Shop today. Six frames came to a whopping €13 and I accidentally Annie Sloaned these too! I even attempted some “techniques” on them. I’m not entirely sure if they are actual chalk paint finish techniques but I did use a hair dryer so it looked like I knew what I was doing. I’m quite pleased with the results (those are my photographs in the frames too)!

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So my verdict is that this paint should come with an addiction warning because you will want to paint everything in sight. And when you run out of things to paint, you will start buying things to paint.

Happy Annie Sloaning Folks – You Have Been Warned!


3 responses to “Addiction

  1. That sounds like great stuff. I painted the dark oak kitchen a couple of years ago. I painted it duck egg blue and didn’t bother priming it. It’s lasted except around one or two of the handles of presses that get the most use. I’ll keep the Annie Sloan chalk paint in mind for the next time.


  2. I work for an Annie Sloan stockist so I fully feel your pain. I am lucky to have had a great teacher from day 1, so its been a journey of many painted items.

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