The Vegetarians vs The Goatscheese…

…and vegetable stir fries, and wild mushroom tagliatelle!


I have nothing at all against the above dishes but there seems to be a trend of late in where everywhere I go, the vegetarian option (or options if you’re really lucky!) are goats cheese based; Goats cheese tartlet, goats cheese salad, goats cheese mousse, goats cheese pizza, goats cheese on a crostini (that’s usually too blooming crusty you can’t cut it without it flying off your plate and hitting someone in the eye!).

Then there are the vegetable stir fries. Stir fries have to be the most unimaginative dish one could ever serve, I don’t think I really need to expand much more on that!

And the very trendy Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle in a creamy sauce…hey chefs, you know I can make that at home myself, right? And you know the Parmesan cheese you like to sprinkle so liberally on top? Yeah, that’s not vegetarian!

I wonder have any chefs have actually sat down and eaten a three course vegetarian meal consisting of something goats cheesy for a starter, and then the creamy wild mushroom sauce tagliatelle and dessert (non-vegetarian cheesecake anyone?)?

If they had, then they might have copped onto the fact that;

1. that’s a lot of dairy (which is very fatty, not necessarily the easiest thing to digest or to eat in one go!)

2. it’s very rich and as a result not very satisfying and we usually leave your establishment feeling sick and vowing never to go back

3. it’s served EVERYWHERE!

I don’t eat out a lot but when I do I find myself begrudging handing over the €10 for a goats cheese quiche/pizza/salad that was only “meh”.

I challenge any chef to think outside the box when it comes to vegetarian options and serve up something NOT goat’s cheesy…On your marks, get set…..GO!

Remember! Vegetarians are customers too!



18 responses to “The Vegetarians vs The Goatscheese…

  1. Oh god, I hear you! Goats bloody cheese everywhere! Recently had a meal in a pub in Leeds and went for the ‘veggie’ burger. It was a whole rind of goats cheese in breadcrumb deep bloody fried *shudder*. x


  2. Oh I am with you 100%. Risotto is my biggest bugbear, usually ridiculous large portions too. I can make a good risotto at home!

    Do you know what I hate? Tartlets with red onion marmalade & goats cheese. Zzz


  3. Roasted squash stuffed with quinoa and diced vegetables. Black bean/quinoa/salsa/fresh green burrito. Grilled aubergine served with a rainbow mash (sweet potato/purple potato/white potato). I should be a vegetarion chef. Lol


  4. Hey long time admirer first time responder. ..have spoken with many goats and the GUI (Goats Union of Ireland) while acknowledging there may be an issue and that they have some input into this (I kid you not) they are distancing themselves from the end product ( I feel they are milking this for all its worth)…Some hardliners even mouthed ‘hard cheese’ butt they are in a minority!!….in the meantime I have found some euro notes marked ‘non negotiable’ only to used for Jameson and Murphys if you are interested otherwise might as well shred them and use them for mulch!!!


    • Ha! You found me or remembered! Glad to hear you have spoken with the GUI, and they’re not bleating around the bush *ba-da-boom*

      Ha, more Jameson, it’ll take me about a year to recover from last night! I’m still not right!


  5. Ah that’s old age for you for pucks sake! Well will just have to be the lonely goatherd I guess, mutton complain no use stewing over it or rinding myself up !


  6. I hate being fobbed off with cheesy, creamy food. It’s too rich for me. I have never been able to eat more than a small amount of cheese without feeling sick.


  7. You lot are funny. If I choose not to wear red, black and green clothes, I wouldn’t complain that the clothes shop doesn’t have enough orange, pink…….etc clothes. You have limited your options, not the shop.
    Can someone explain the comment that parmisan is not vegetarian, but goat’s cheese is, I am confused?
    I am not anti-veggie, but if I converted to not drinking alcohol, I wouldn’t moan about the lack of good non alcoholic beer.
    Funny buggers, but I know you mean well.good luck!


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