Wormery Journey with the @SodShow

The SodShow

The SodShow

You can hear me natter about this in much more detail on The Sod Show

For some reason, we had in our heads we needed a wormery. I’m not sure why, we have two compost bins already but I guess why not! So, after a failed attempt to win a womery at the one of the wonderful events run in The Secret Garden Centre, we were just about to leave with bellies full of cake and a car full of plants when we bumped into a friend (cue more tea and cake!). We explained that we were there for the composting talk and how we tried to win the wormery and she just happened to have one she wasn’t using and offered it to us! Talk about garden fate (see what I did there?).

The following week, we collected our new wormery, worms were ordered online and our journey began.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures, it was one of those days that didn’t get any brighter or darker and taking photos inside wasn’t the best idea!

The wormery we have is called The Tiger – it’s a three tray system. A layer of newspaper is layered on the bottom of the tray, then the special compost that comes with the worms, then the worms and worm eggs. Then we had to root through our kitchen compost bin to get “the good stuff” for the worms. And on top of that, the moisture mat was placed and then we closed it up for a week and didn’t disturb it.

Now we check it on a regular basis as we have some escapee worms to like to make a break for it in the lowest chamber. This chamber is where the run off from the compost the worms make goes and provides a liquid feed with a simple turn of a tap. Genius.

I would definitely recommend a wormery to anyone – they’re compact and ideal for households that don’t have much food waste or are tight for space.

The idea is that when the bottom tray is full, you start filling the next tray up and the worms travel up, meaning that by the time the top tray is full of kitchen waste, the bottom tray will be lovely organic, nutrient rich compost. It really is quite fascinating and is a little bit more interesting than chucking your kitchen compost waste into a compost bin made of pallets or plastic.

We ordered our Tiger Worms from Original Organics, and they have all the information and wormery accessories one could possibly need.

And now for the important bit, you can sing along here, you know you want to!



3 responses to “Wormery Journey with the @SodShow

  1. You were fantabulous as always Belle.
    Far more important than that, you get to say ‘I got worms’. Like so:

    Also dont forget the white dress. And a wheelie bin πŸ˜‰


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