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I’ve waffled on about my garden on the Sod Show a few times now (here and here) and I’m very aware that some people may have a very odd vision of it between me mentioning carpets, lino, raised beds, tyres and window panes. So, I took advantage of the sun the other day and popped out and took some photos to accompany the latest show, just so you can get a better idea.

  • Nettle tea: This has been stewing for a while now (although I read today it should be used in a week? This is the joy of gardening, always something to learn and always contradiction so you can only learn by trying!). Nettles are a great source of nitrogen and a great plant feed. You can read about nettle tea and how to make your own here


  • When we were planting all the seeds we could a few weeks back, T insisted on planting some for herself. She chose two Goldy Courgette seeds and four pumpkin seeds which have all germinated and are coming along nicely.


  • There were some mystery seeds rattling around the bottom of my (very fancy Roses) seed tin and it looks like it’s no longer a mystery and we have more Rocket!


  • The Red Baron onion sets were planted a couple of weeks ago, I reckon about 30 in total and most of them are up and a few inches high at this stage. It’s amazing what 10 days of intense heat and two days of rain accomplishes.


  • Blue potato flowers, unfortunately not showcasing their gorgeous orange centres but these have to be the prettiest potato flowers I’ve ever seen.


  • Our row of spuds – We have two varieties, I’m not sure of the other variety as I bought some loose potatoes in our local shop and some began to chit on their own so I threw them in too. I love surprises in the garden!


  • These are the broad beans (we have a row of lettuce in the middle of the plants!). They are flowering away and now we are just waiting patiently for beans!


  • Lettuce bed – I did cheat and bought two trays of lettuce recently as the seeds were ever so slow to do anything. I think the trays were under €3 each, so still much cheaper than buying bagged or heads of lettuce from the supermarket and the taste difference is unreal!


  • This mix of rocket, mizuna and mustard oak fire were planted weeks ago and were slow to start and then bolted (they had a window pane over them). The stems are quite woody now so not really edible so we are just harvesting the leaves and the flowers.


  • Give peas a chance! I am a big fan of peas, they are (I think) one of the most simple and interesting things you can grow. This is my second round, I pulled out the original plants in a gardening grump one day. In total there could be about 40 plants. As you can see, the soil is full of stones so may not be the best start in the world but they’re not doing too badly.


  • Strawberries – I attempted to describe the tyres and stone strawberry bed but I’m not sure I did it any justice so this is it! It’s not the prettiest but once this season is over, we’ll build it up with more rocks and soil. I’m doubtful as to whether we’ll get any berries this year, but that is what next year is for.


Tomatoes – There are two varieties planted here. One is Hillbilly and the name of the other variety is stored in a part of my brain that won’t allow me access to! Tomatoes are another favourite thing of mine to grow. I love the smell of them, watching them flower and even the tedious job of side shooting. Even if you only get green tomatoes, there’s endless ways of eating them (green tomato chutney is one and absolutely delicious!). There is basil seeds planted in between the tomato plants in an experiment to see if they help prevent pests.


  • One of my favourite things is sitting out in peace watching the bugs and birds. It’s lovely to hear the bees buzzing around. I snapped this chap flying from one rose to another, each time he landed inside the petals, his buzz resonated and for those few seconds was really loud.


What is happening in your garden?


4 responses to “Behind the @SodShow Scenes

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  2. Looking great! My broad beans look dreadful this year but yours look excellent. Love the way you’ve planted you tomatoes against the stone wall with the glass. E x


    • Thanks Emma. My broad beans are riddled with black fly 😦 Will have to take what harvest we can and see if we can plant some more! The tomatoes are flowering away, really excited and hope they ripen! x


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