Today Meant

Doing History Homework

Doing History Homework

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take a step back from the things that otherwise consume you (i.e. social media) and when you do the day actually means something more.

Today meant I walked around town decorated in stickers you carefully chose for me and were happy to share with me. Bright sparkly tortoises stuck to my t-shirt.
Today meant, watching the delight on your face when you walked out of the shoe shop in your new sandals.
Today meant that I pretended to be a dinosaur and chase you, listening to your giggles of delight and nervousness as to where I was hiding.
Today meant we sat and learned about frogs and Tasmanian devils from the “Lady man” (he had long hair, it confused you!) on the telly.
Today meant, lifting you up over the wall to see if the ducks were still there, their heads tucked up under their bodies, sleeping peacefully by the weir.
Today meant, you licking ice cream off my hand after accidentally getting it there in the first place.
Today meant your first passport photos, in the first set you were laughing at nothing in particular and we asked the lady could we have a copy of those too.
Today meant, I was a climbing frame or a mountain for you to go on adventures on.
Today meant, you picked nearly all the daisies on the lawn to give to me.
Today meant, you drawing snowmen on your legs. And on the table. And eventually on paper. You also drew a picture of me.
Today meant, you told me a story about a mermaid.
Today meant, cuddles on the couch because we were both sad at the end of Love Story (though I don’t know why you were sad, maybe because I was sad?)
Today meant, you told me I was a horse, yet you were the one that made clip clopping sounds as you sat on your changing table in your pjs after a shower.
Today meant, you told me you like me. Sometimes I think this means more than when you say you love me, because that’s just given. When you say you like me, it means, you like who I am.
Today meant the world to me.

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22 responses to “Today Meant

  1. What a gorgeous post Belle! Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart, what a joy she must be to have around πŸ™‚


  2. Well that brought me back a couple of decades. Its a precious time, all too soon she will be looking for the car keys.


  3. well done isabell I loved the post ,a great piece of prose
    ,to keep for darling T she will appreciate it


  4. Aw Belle, this is beautiful, it brought a tear to my eyes remembering when my two were so little. Life and social media can get in the way and cloud our days. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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