Human Nature or Human vs Nature

What is wrong with people that they constantly feel they have to try and control the natural things that happen around us? The things that keep us alive and make our earth?

I see people out with their strimmers cutting back the the country hedgerows for some unknown reason. Hedge cutters tearing the trees, leaving them susceptible to diseases and rotting. My absolute pet hate is when they spray the ditches. And not just outside their home but up to 200m either side.

Every week I walk with Tabitha and my littlest and middle niece to the local national school in Conna to collect the biggest niece. It’s not a long walk but it’s pretty, crossing over the bridge, watching the mermaid’s hair in the river, the cows or sheep in the fields and enjoying the abundant hedgerows and picking flowers.

Mermaid's Hair in the River

Mermaid’s Hair in the River

Today was a different story, the verges by the path had been sprayed within an inch of it’s life. Plants, flowers, weeds that strived for survival amongst each other, now brown and dead.

The verge today!

The verge today!

Why would one spray dangerous chemicals on a pathway used daily by people, children and dogs?

My middle niece went to pick a dandelion that had seen better days. For the first time ever I said “You can’t pick that! They’ve sprayed them with horrible chemicals that could make you sick!”

The thing is, 2, 5 and 7 year olds don’t see “unsightly” weeds. They see little bunches of flowers to bring home to their mum when she comes back from work. They see little seed collections to investigate at home, place on kitchen paper on the kitchen windowsill. They see fairy houses, bug houses and little flowers that I clip into their hair.

Flowers in their hair picked from the verge

Flowers in their hair picked from the verge

Further up the path, nearer the school, they sprayed the bottom of the native hedge. Why? Because there was a few tall nettles growing onto the pathway. Now the spray has burned the chestnut saplings, the hawthorn and brambles.

Dear Lord! If they bother you that much, get on a pair of rubber gloves and pull the nettles out by hand! Use your enthusiasm to “tidy up” to pick up some of the dog poop other people are too lazy to pick up!

If you think it’s so unsightly, dig up the weeds and sow some bee friendly wildflowers.

Make it your own, but do not take from others!

I don’t understand how they think that a dead yellow-brown verge is far better than a green one full of life!

Did this verge affect you so much so, that you couldn’t sleep at night? That you couldn’t think passed “I MUST KILL THE WEEDY VERGE!” or are you so ignorant that you don’t know that our bee population is in major decline? Or that your chemical spray leached into the soil and has killed earthworms?

Why are you so HELL BENT on killing our existence?


14 responses to “Human Nature or Human vs Nature

    • Thank you for the link and comment. I love your blog! I sincerely hope we get better as a nation and start respecting our surroundings more!


  1. Hear hear! It’s the same in Wexford – brown sprayed verges, and massacred buttercups, dandelions, nettles and cow parsley. Delighted to see this highlighted – I just find myself wringing my hands when I see it happen


    • It’s scary how ignorant the councils can be. I’ve often had to stop their big trucks spraying weedkiller from spraying around my house. As I have a rabbit out the front and a 2.5 year old who plays out there too! So frustrating!


  2. That is very true. I lived in a small rural town a few years ago and (this is how I found out about the council spraying chemicals) I decided to put some additional seeds that I had to good use and sowed them in a lane way between some house. A huge corn field lay just behind a low stone wall. I planted the seeds (cumin, coriander, fennel, mustard, wheta, rye, spelt etc.but in very small proportions). They begam growing but I did notice very slowly…then one day, council came around and sprayed the green areas all along the pathway and within a day, everything was gone. Where I live now, I can see fennel growing from seed that fell from plants sown last year, dill growing around and it looks good. Incidentally, there are parts of the world where people traditionally eat wild growing vegetables during certain times of the year. Italy is one place where Grecians collect and gather wild growing fennel, cabbage and a selection of other vegetables and celebrate this abundance of wild growing foods. There is an article title Ta Chorta about this tradition in southern Italy. If anyone is interested in joining my group called Global Cuisine which has three subroups Global Cuisine Recipes, Global Vegetarian Cuisine and Global Vegan Cuisine, you are invited to join and please do post your ideas, opinions and recipes. Regards.


      • I would like to spread a few hundred grams of multi coloured poppy seed and spread it around the grounds surrounding a reservoir….the local council spray the area every year with weed killer.


  3. Grrr. I totally agree with you. I’ve just got back from holiday in Cornwall where the hedgerows and wildflowers have been amazing this year. On a ride through country lanes watching the pnks, yellows and white flowers whizz by, we watched in horror as the council were trimming the verge with huge machines on the otherside of road. Horrid 😟

    Emma x


  4. Couldn’t agree with you more, the hedgerows tell a story of the passing of the seasons, the well being of the community and contain delights and treasures of nature for little explorers to find on their rambling walks. The harsh brown colour that replaces this abundance of growth and biodiversity is a very sad sight ;0( Glad I’m not the only one complaining about this!


    • The thing is, if weed killer was effective, then why do they have to keep using it! I say, get out your spades if you’re that concerned about weeds!


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