Killashee House Hotel

Hotels expect you to take away something, right? The mini shampoo bottles, the individually wrapped soap and that ever useful shower cap that you just might need sometime (but you know you have 15 gathering dust in your bathroom!).

Killashee House Hotel

Killashee House Hotel

Well, I had the pleasure of staying in Killashee House Hotel after winning a competition on twitter for a night away with dinner . Now, I must confess I took something from Killashee House Hotel that I refuse to give back!

You see, any other time I’ve stayed in a hotel, it has been a stop gap, a place to rest my head, shower and have breakfast and leave to go on other adventures, nothing more.

What I took from Killashee was a new appreciation of hotels, that they can be a sanctuary of rest, an escapism and that one can create your own adventure without leaving the hotel grounds.

Although Killashee has a Spa (including gym, hair salon etc), I didn’t get a chance to use it as I had T with me and I’m not sure how relaxing a massage would have been with T sitting in the corner with her asking 1001 questions but we did have a splash in the pool.

But T and I sat, wandered, watched and had fun. And of course I took pictures…

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Thank you so much to Killashee for having us, it was just perfect!

  And thank you to Patricia who served us at dinner who was incredibly kind and patient with a rather tired and poorly T (who managed to only eat her ice cream or rather mine, I should say!)

*Please note this blog post is not a sponsored blog post, it is to show my appreciation of Killashee House Hotel’s generosity at their competition prize*


5 responses to “Killashee House Hotel

  1. That must have been like a fairytale for you and sweet T….
    I love your very lovely pictures ❤


  2. That must have been like a fairytale for you and sweet T….
    I love your very lovely pictures ❤


  3. What a great thing to win! Looks like a gorgeous hotel. I can see why it would be nice to be at a hotel just to relax as opposed to being there as part of a planned trip where you have things to do and plan, etc. Glad you enjoyed it!


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