They Say Her Beauty Was Music In Mouth

Yesterday I wrote a very short tongue firmly stuck in cheekΒ  poem asking Mother Nature/Weather Gods asking for the weather to improve. I think it worked. For a little while today we had sunshine. Alas I wasn’t at home to enjoy it but I managed to get out and take a few quick snaps of the Tulips that today just burst with their vibrant beauty. I am in but in utter awe of them.

For some reason, they reminded me of (a way better than mine!) poem written by Austin Clarke called The Planter’s Daughter. Specifically the line; “They say that her beauty Was music in mouth”

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Simple yet intricate beauty!

Simple yet intricate beauty!

When night stirred at sea,

An the fire brought a crowd in

They say that her beauty

Was music in mouth

And few in the candlelight

Thought her too proud,

For the house of the planter

Is known by the trees.

Men that had seen her

Drank deep and were silent,

The women were speaking

Wherever she went —

As a bell that is rung

Or a wonder told shyly

And O she was the Sunday

In every week.


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