Dear Weather

It’s very rare that a day goes by where I don’t take a photograph. Today was one of those days. I blame the weather for dampening my motivation.

I spied two new red tulips (Pretty Woman) which were obviously fooled by yesterday’s Sunshine. Weren’t we all? Anyway, I didn’t even venture out to photograph them and you all know tulips are my favourite and I’ve been excited since the bulbs arrived in the post! I actually feared for life to walk across the small lawn for fear of sinking. Although Death by Irish Weather has a certain ring to it…

I had a look through my photographs, trying to remind myself of what’s ahead (summer!) and came across these shots I took on the 5th December.

9am December 5th 2012

9am December 5th 2012

And 9 hours later…

6.45pm Dec 5th 2012

6.45pm December 5th 2012


The same view today is grey, wet, windy and uninviting. The dogs are miserable, the ponies are miserable, actually I’m pretty sure I saw the small pony float by the kitchen window earlier.

So, I wrote a poem…

Dear weather,

Please improve,





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