The SodShow

The SodShow

Rather than read something about me today, you can listen to me on the wireless…and by wireless I mean an Audiboo that I recorded for the SodShow which was played today.

You can listen to it here and it’s also available on podcast for you to listen to over and over and over and over again… (my bit is under 3 minutes long and in the first few minutes of the show but the rest of the show is about potatoes and who doesn’t want to know about potatoes?!)

Even though I recorded it, I didn’t listen back to it. I only heard a few seconds of it, whilst my sister was listening to it and I was hiding behind the front door and I think I sound very serious altogether. Hopefully, I’ll get to Boo a bit more for the SodShow and be less terrified the next time!

Big thanks to Peter for twisting my arm encouraging me…I’m off to hide under a rock!



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