Spoiler Alert

I had to leave the house today. The mere thoughts of a day at home stuck inside because of the howling wind and pouring rain, listening to the dogs barking, the rabbit thumping around her cage and endless washing up nearly made me rock back and forth in the corner. Plus I had nothing to paint.

So, I took Tabitha to the talkies!

There was little choice, so we I decided to settle for the nearest cinema to us to see The Croods.



This wasn’t her first time at the pictures, in fact it was her third time. The first time was when she was teeny tiny and we went to see that sad film where Anne Hathaway died in the end. And we went to see some terrible Easter film with an annoying CG rabbit who didn’t die in the end.

It probably wasn’t the most suitable film for T’s first proper cinema trip. It had a lot of scary animals with crazy yellow eyes, lots of shouting and grunting, people being hit over the head. And it wasn’t accurate. That bugged me. But it was very sad (made me want to go hug my folks!). She asked to go home a few times but the middle of the film quietened down enough for her to lie back on me and watch it happily. It was a definite thumbs up from me though!

So for now, I guess we’ll be sticking with the saccharine tales of Mickey Mouse in his blooming Club House, Kipper the Dog (which if you only listen to and don’t watch sounds really filthy!) and her latest favourite, My Little Pony! *shudder*

TIP: I was pretty darn clever before we left though, I googled the actors behind the characters so I wouldn’t spend half the film trying to figure out who they all are!

Next on my list are GI Joe, IronMan 3, Wolverine and so forth…just maybe not with T!



4 responses to “Spoiler Alert

  1. Limmster,
    This was on my list for a father and child date next week… Perhaps I should just go for Evil Dead
    Le Clown


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