Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

There’s one thing I’m really good at. Creating extra work for myself. And I don’t think of the consequence of never ever ever ever ending lists.

Generally if I see something I want, I must have it. Prime examples of this are as follows:

The Chicken Coop which should have invariably led to chickens but was dismantled by certain ponies and is now going to be parts of my veggie patch!
And the F*cket List from last year which was basically a list of extra things I wanted to do…

And my latest bargain. 20130405-223012.jpg

A beautiful dresser, riddled with woodworm, a steal at €50 (bargained down from €80!). And what do I do? I break the drawer when bringing it in from outside having nearly broken myself in two coating it in woodworm killing paint stuff. Bang, crash of the stupid door frame and the side off the drawer split. So, now I need wood glue and a clamp (or a pile of books) and an extra day to leave it set and dry before painting.

All extra work…keeps me out of mischief I guess!



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