Sunshine, Swings and Sandwiches

I mind my three gorgeous nieces once a week. The last few months we have been stuck inside due to the weather, except for the 40 min school run in which I push a double buggy whilst trying to counteract Charlotte (4) pulling it back. It’s usually raining, bitterly cold or someone is sick (this week it’s me!) so going outside to play hasn’t been an option for a long time.

But today was glorious, blue skies, sunshine, actual heat and just a light breeze.


Sunshine and blue skies

We played football, hide and seek, went on slides and swings, played with hula hoops, sticks and ‘you can’t get hit by the blue ball’ which is a trampoline based game!


Me on the swings, testing them of course!
TollytrampolineTabitha and Lucy (2)

After a while we came back inside to do some drawing as the two 2 years olds were due for naps and we pigged out on cheese toasties! Both Hannah (7) and Charlotte drew me in pictures. I’m quite chuffed, I’ve never had a portrait done before.

charlotteandmeDrawing by Charlotte of me and her on a picnic

And back outside for more mischief and cat cuddles!


Penny Cat!

Perfect Day!


4 responses to “Sunshine, Swings and Sandwiches

  1. Wow! fab cat pic. Well done! Its nice to know your nieces. I have four grown up nieces. I wish I had seen more of them when they were little.


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