There are so many quotes about change I could throw up here to make my point but there are far too many to chose from. Change happens even when we aren’t looking, when we are looking and when we least expect it. It’s the ‘least expecting’ it one that has caught me off guard lately and I can’t find a quote for that.

I see Tabitha everyday and she changes. Earlier she called me mean because I asked her to pick up the pens she had thrown on the floor in a sickness fueled tantrum. For me, one of the biggest changes is how she learns new words and then learns to associate these words with feelings. These changes in her scare me. I have no control. I can’t pause time, I can’t rewind to last week, last month or the day she was born and start again. As a mother (a word that still truly scares me), I have to accept these changes, adapt to them and learn.

T walking Rua

T walking Rua

In the last year, I have changed. I have a better understanding of who I am, or at least who I was. For a large portion of my 20’s, actually most of it, I was in a very serious relationship (the move country, let’s get a dog or two and have a baby kind of serious). I spent a lot of that time trying to be someone I wasn’t. All because I thought someone else wanted me to be something else, something that wasn’t me. It ended. Maybe because I tried to be the old 20 year old me interspersed with this new task of becoming a mum, and maybe our relationship couldn’t quite handle that. I genuinely don’t know. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

Again, I can’t go back, I can’t change the past. But if I didn’t have my past I wouldn’t have Tabitha. I wouldn’t be teaching this little person about life, how to talk, sing, read, use an iPhone, laugh, draw, love, put on her shoes…

In the past year I have pushed myself. I have pushed passed an underlying shyness that people are always surprised by. I have met strangers who have become my friends, reconnected with old friends who are dispersed across the globe and I have done things I never thought I would have the courage to do. Then suddenly I am presented with several opportunities that I wasn’t expecting. Opportunities I have hesitated over, tried to justify why I shouldn’t do them, trying to understand why me, why did I get these opportunities?

Today, I realise, it’s all part of changing and I need to accept it, embrace it and believe in it for this is what is making me who I am.



14 responses to “Change

  1. I could have written those last two paragraphs myself. Last year was all about change for me. It wasn’t an easy ride but I came out the end of it not only in a much better place but all the stronger for it. And you’re right, it’s what makes us who we are.


  2. Change is good. I have changed so much over the last ten years I am
    barely recognisable .. The closer I get to 40 I wonder who the heck the 20 yr old really was…because it was not me :0) Embrace it Belle. Change … Is good.


  3. Belle,
    This post was worth the wait. Change is not always easy. Most of us don’t adapt well to it. But when you learn to embrace it, and go with it, change can bring wonderful things. I also like to write in clichΓ©s…


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  5. You shine so brightly, Belle. Nicely said. This piece can’t but resonate for any of us who accept what it is to be human. He not busy being born is busy dying, as the song goes. Here’s to being born anew with each new discovery and each new day. Sx


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