In These Shoes?

I would consider myself quite a practical kind of person. But, if I want something, I’ll do my best to get it. Even if I know deep down in my heart that it’s an impulse, something pretty that will distract me and will bring me fleeting moments of happiness and fantasy.

Thing is I’m terrible at being a girlie girl and I tend to go from one extreme to the other, there is no middle road. So, one minute I could be outside in wellies driving in stakes with a sledgehammer, chasing ponies or chopping wood and then I could go and buy something like the following:


Have you stopped ooohing and aaahing over them yet? Over my new pretty electric blue shoes with the bow and the impressive heel? Do you need another minute?

During warmer weather I tend go barefoot or wear flipflops with the occasional pair of Converse thrown in and of course there is my welly collection. I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of high heels (I know I bought a pair last year, red satin ones that are gathering dust somewhere!) but I just had to have these.

So I’ve been thinking about how to get the best use of these shoes and I’ve made a list of things I can and can’t do in these shoes!


  • Be 6′ tall in them
  • Wobble in them
  • Reach the top shelf in the kitchen cupboards (hello missing tins of chickpeas!)


  • Walk in them


So effectively I can wobble in them while I reach the top shelves in the kitchen cupboards. This means that I must use my plate rack as a shrine for my new blue shoes so when I need that tin of peas stuck at the back of the cupboard, I can pop on my shoes and get the damn things!

So that is how I have justified my impractical impulse buy, they’ll come in handy if I apply for a static shelf stacking position in a supermarket.

But, these shoes deserve more. They deserve to see the big bad world. They should be wined and dined. I just need an excuse!

Blue Shoes

I shall leave you with this song as I’ve been singing it all week.


15 responses to “In These Shoes?

  1. Oh I have waaaay too many of these. But I fond they’re excellent for the (very, very) odd time you’re going out, to one venue, and don’t have to drive πŸ™‚


  2. Those shoes are fab!

    I’m always buying heels I can’t walk in properly especially for long distances so need to change into flats before a night out is over. It works for me, plus I get to keep buying pretty sh.oes


    • I think after you have a baby you go through this ‘mammy’ phase. I’ve finally stopped wearing fleeces out in public! Takes a while to balance the new mummy you with parts of the old you πŸ™‚


  3. They are what we call “Sitting down shoes”. As opposed to shoes you can walk around in. So you need to be chauffeured to your location and then sit posing in your seat for the night. Love them!


  4. up to the big smoke, carry the shoes to the sugar club and then dramatically walk in to the dublin burlesque and social club for a night of smoky music and licentious glamour


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