Brax-ual Feeling!

We all have celebrity crushes, right? That one bloke (or girl) who appears on screen and sends a shiver down your spine. Mine is a tad embarrassing to explain really so here goes.

Home and Away was religiously watched by me and my older sisters when we were younger, 6.30pm Network 2. I remember my dad traipsing into the front room, rolling his eyes and saying “Rack Off” in the worst Australian accent ever and we would all shush him. Anyway, only one of my sisters and I still watch it and often joke about packing up and moving to the ‘Bay’ to lead an interesting and dramatic life with twists and turns.

Today, the ‘Bay’ came to Cork. Ok, not the whole bay, (god help them, it’s freezing) just one of the characters. Probably the best looking/most handsome/hunkiest/gorgeous character, Brax (Steve Peacocke). You see, without going into too much detail, he is the bad boy, the tattooed leader of the River Boys (who ironically surfs in the sea and not a river). Always in strife with the coppers and always gets the girls. Just what all us girls fall over ourselves for.

Anyway, he was visiting Wilton Shopping Centre and there was a limited 80 tickets to meet him and my wonderful friend, Anita, managed to win tickets and she picked me to go with her!

So, having not ever really met a handsome celebrity crush before, I thought I had better make a list of what NOT to do. It went something like this:

  • No licking or biting or pinching him
  • No asking him to marry me
  • No gushing about how much I love his ‘work’
  • No blushing (I’m a terror for blushing)
  • Must try to keep jaw shut
  • No drooling

After queuing for two hours we were finally next to meet him and we were told by this boy (I want to say man but really he looked to be just out of Scouts or something) “The Rules”! I actually asked him to repeat it…

  • Don’t kiss him, only hug him. Have a feel, but not too much. Be gentle.Β 

I suddenly felt a bit pervy but fuck it, I stood for two hours in shoes that pinched my feet, there was no going back!

And really, just look at that jaw line!

He turned out to be really lovely and soft spoken (also very soft hands, you know, when I shook his hand). We stood for a picture with him and I *may* have copped a feel and then I think I shook his hand again. He signed some photos and we made small talk about him coming to Ireland and he said it’s a beautiful place (I truly hope he wasn’t referring to Wilton shopping centre and someone took the poor lad to West Cork!) and the people were friendly. I said ‘well, security are telling us to be gentle with you’. He gave a cheeky half grin and that was that. There was no biting, licking, pinching or security needing to remove me from him.

His face, when it was our turn…

Day made!

So, you may roll your eyes after reading this or maybe you will share in my childish glee at meeting a celebrity by thinking of what you would do or say if you met yours.

Also, if you do get to meet your celebrity crush, you might want to print out my list and keep it handy, just in case you forget!



7 responses to “Brax-ual Feeling!

  1. Brilliant, great little read to start my 2013, like skys little christmas crackers, really made me giggle, especially the… His face, when it was are turn… Classic.
    Happy New Year you, thanks again you little legend
    Px πŸ™‚


  2. Aw sweet. I just go a bit mad whenever I meet anyone slightly famous. I’ve been known to chase Edward (one half of Jedward) up an escalator much to the horror of my daughter!


  3. Ha! Himself was in Maynooth, Co. Kildare last Saturday of Dec and I too mention Brax a lo-hot in my blog. Soooooo my sister managed to get her hands on 8 tickets. I’ve a lo-hot of sisters and I let my cousin have mine. Jeez, there is no way, I mean, no way on this earth I would have been able to go to a night club in Maynooth (17.50 for two voddies & bitter lemon) amidst all those screeching and jostling wimmin. And that’s just my sisters. reckon I’m the bitter lemon here. But they too said he was a honey. I do love him but I am a firm believer in never meeting your hero’s. Sigh. P.S. I’d probably pinch the arse off him anyway and get kicked out.


  4. glad you got to wilton you seemed to enjoy yourself i like the photo many moons ago i met tom jones in london at the american club i enjoyed the read x


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