Happy to a T

I think as we get older, we forget the simple things that make us happy and we forget where to look for them. Instead we take solace in new shoes, takeaways and trashy television. It’s like we have forgotten where to look for the things that can bring a smile to our face. Ask yourself a serious question? When was the last time you and your imaginary friend made the best mud pie ever?! I am telling you, kids have it sussed.

This morning my head was full of things I had to do, housework, washing, play with my new fancy steam mop thing, pot up plants, fence the field out the back… In-between jobs, I checked in with T to make sure she was ok and as she was playing away happily I snuck out to empty the compost. For once I left the baby gate (which is actually for the benefit of the dogs) and the back door open. I squished what I could into the compost, turned around and who did I see? Tabitha! She had pulled on her fairy skirt and wellies over her pajamas and made a dash for freedom! I didn’t fancy arguing with her to try and get her back inside so we stayed out in the sun pottering. I watched her very carefully for a half an hour and learned about the silly simple things that made her sparkle! They go something like this:

Running was the first thing, she tried to race the dog, he won.


Water was the second thing. Buckets of weeds and dips in the path had filled with rainwater. She grabbed the handle of the bucket and made what I can only describe as wrestling noises and turned to me and said ‘heavy mum’! Inside seemed the nicer option for this as her tiny hands were frozen!


Sticks, poles or stones would have be the third thing to make her happy and combine this with water, who wouldn’t be happy? (combined running and stick elements!)


Grass, grass is great fun. Why wouldn’t grass make you happy? It’s green and soft and you can pull at it, eat it, throw it and stamp on it.


The sky. The sky has birds, planes, the moon and stars! “Look mum, pane” said with the biggest grin on her face. I would love to know what goes through her head when she is waving at the plane saying “bye bye pane”. (again combine stick and sky results in perfect happiness!)


Steps. Steps are good for sitting on after running, playing with sticks and pulling grass. They’re also good for jumping off and crawling onto too. Fact! ‘Havin’ sit down mum’


Pets are amazing, T loves all the animals we have here, she cuddles the rabbit and hamsters, tells the dogs off and will happily march into the field where the ponies are and call them to give them their apple-y.


So what I have taken from today is: take some time, watch a person you love do what they do to make them happy and I can guarantee you will be smiling. There is no greater happiness in the world than seeing the child that you would do absolutely anything for and constantly worry about be happy.

It might just me and T but we are ready for the world in our pajamas, fairy skirts and wellies!



35 responses to “Happy to a T

  1. This is a gorgeous piece and gorgeous photos. When your daughter reads back on this as an adult she’s going to want to frame it.


  2. That’s one of the loveliest posts I’ve read in a long time Belle and time warped me back to when my own were small. Treasured memories, each and every one and wish camera phones and blogs were around (or I could even afford a mobile full stop) ten years ago!


    • Thanks Dee. Very kind of you to say. I’m amazed every day by her. She wakes up with new words, copies me and just has the most amazing personality! I’m so very lucky πŸ™‚ x


  3. Belle I’m actually wiping a tear away! πŸ™‚ Such a lovely post. Absolutely agree. Pajamas, fairy skirts and wellies, what more do you need to take on the world! I Heart Tabitha


  4. I loved reading and seeing pictures of your beautiful precious angel. Looking at the pictures and reading your words brought back happy memories of my own when I was truly happy!! Thank you for sharing and showing us your loving admiration and adoration for this little person with a perfect heart.


  5. Isn’t that the essence of what life is all about, connecting with our loved ones in a very positive way, we become bogged down in the negativity and it takes the unconditional love of a child to remind us to look within ourselves and find as many ways as we can to say yes to things, to care less about how we look and what we have and more about who we are and what we give. Stopping and watching a beautiful little fairy like Tabitha reminds us all how beautiful it is to be loved and to love. x thanks ado


  6. gorgeous post ….she is very, very cute ! that’s it laptop closed and off to play with my littlest ! it’s minus 14 degrees here today so maybe we will have to make some inside fun !


  7. Belle – you write so beautifully. I don’t know where you find the words but you always seem to know just how to describe the ordinary things, like the love a mammy has for her little one. You really have a talent for this writing lark….. And T is ultra cute πŸ™‚


    • Aw, thank you so so much! I think words just flowed for this post as T was the inspiration. I just want everyone to know how amazing and funny she is! A real little character. They grow up so so so fast! x


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