Fall, In Love

Ok, so excuse the cheesy blog post title (I’m not all romanced up or anything) but I put my hands up and admit that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with autumn. (If you’ve read previous blogs of mine you’ll know I say this about every season but snow is my favourite!)

Frosty Pumpkin

Ethereal Morning Mist

I don’t really remember autumns previous to this, actually I don’t remember much of what happened before T was born (except this morning). Snippets of old friends, table quizzes and road trips flash before my eyes but I can’t be sure that they’re even real. Last year I was probably so wrapped up in my little bundle I didn’t notice much of anything, truthfully I thought it was still 2011 up until a few days ago.

Autumnal Yellows


But this year is different. I’m not sure why. The air has a clean crisp to it and as my dad pointed out this has been a very dry autumn so far. We’ve had to wait patiently for the leaves to make their descent to the ground rather than them being blown off by blustery winds in one sitting. We’ve had longer time to enjoy the rich autumnal colours adorning the trees and hearing that lovely crunch of leaves underfoot. There has been the odd rainfall, and droplets hang precariously from branches, leaves and late flowering plants. Misty mornings are upon us and the soft grey light hitting the top of the trees reflects a renaissance like landscape.


Leaves waiting to fall

Misty mares


It’s time for preparation, and my never ending list of things to do is still growing. Fencing for ponies, painting some rooms in the house and more gardening than I could shake a stick at but what else would I be doing?

So, what’s not to love about autumn?

Dog isn’t too happy about having to walk in muddles (muddy puddles)



14 responses to “Fall, In Love

  1. Belle! you’ve whupped my “I love Autumn” blog post’s ass! πŸ™‚ I adore this time of year and wish it would last far longer but your dad is right, we’ve been a bit spoiled this year. I love it even more because I *hate* snow and live in constant dread of winter! πŸ˜‰


  2. Sounds like the baby fog has lifted…and a whole new you has emerged.
    Lovely photos…I love the change in seasons, Autumn being my favourite.
    You can have all the snow!


    • What an excellent way to put it. Thank you Mona πŸ™‚ Lol, you’re not the first person who said I can have all the snow, I’d feel rather greedy though!


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