A Walk in the Park

On New Years Day I went on a date with my brand spanking new camera to Donneraile Park. After that trip I intended to visit again on New Years Day 2013 to see if my very negelcted photography skills have improved (or not!).
I happened to visit again a couple of days ago but stupidly didn’t bring my camera but my iPhone never lets me down and this is what I took and instagrammed, because you know I’m addicted to it.

There was a chill in the air but I was well wrapped up, greeted by these beautiful swans and signets

Passed the weir, over the bridge, around the corner and the beautiful Donneraile House is very humbling

There was plenty of herons to keep us company on the walk, closest I’ve ever been to one

I think I can be quite annoying to go walking with because I am automatically drawn to the sides of the path or underneath hedgerows looking for ‘stuff’ and will suddenly veer off mid conversation and start taking pictures and investigating things


But I think if you look closely, nature offers us some beautiful and interesting forms, I think this one looks like a man crawling out or resting his head in his hands

and then sometimes we put our own form on nature

Got a tad lost getting to the tearoom, I’m easily distracted and ended back in the town

The tearooms were worth it, I have only ever heard stories of the buildings behind the house and when I walked through those gates, all those stories had a whole setting.

Service Bells in the Tearoom (chocolate cake wasn’t bad either!)

The swans battling with the weir, although they did make it look easy




13 responses to “A Walk in the Park

  1. Hi, you know it’s only recently I realised that I knew you from Pinterest and my FB page! Duh! so sorry it’s taken me so long to come over and say hi! Love your photos above – the swans are beautiful and love the mushrooms and the man in the tee – such a beautiful place! Can’t believe you took these iwith an iphone! I haven’t looked at instagram yet but looking at your pics I will soon!

    Also, very sorry for not being at the shop when you called that day. If you’re ever down my way again, please call in and say hi – I’ll give you the grand tour! (won’t take long!). : ) Adding you to my blogroll too!!



    • Hi Sharon, thanks for commenting. iPhones are amazing, would be lost without mine. Don’t worry about that day, I must come down someday (my sister lives near ballinspittle). I need to paint my antique kitchen table but I’ve no idea what colour. I’ve 4 not so antique Ikea chairs too that will need to be done. Maybe if I pop up a pic on fb you could help?


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