Not In So Many Words

If I had to summarise my Saturday night at the Blog Awards Ireland. It would go something like this. I could go into detail but really, you had to be there!

Wearing a green dress, never worn before I was the lucky hunk of cheese in a twitter sandwich between the fabulous @NewFarmerette and @MagnumLady. There was gin, gossip and giggles, name badge making and green glitter glue everywhere (at least it matched my dress!). An epic hug and chat with the man himself, @DoneganGardens. Hellos from @AYearOfFestivals, @am_flynn, @MiniandMum, @Foxglovelane, @Emeralds82 and @c_oreilly (hope I’ve not left anyone out). A marriage proposal from the never met before @Selficiencey and a divorce after he brought me back the wrong ice-cream. More gin and conversations about noodles, chutney and lung donations. In between all of this I collected three awards for the amazing @MollyMoo_ie. Drank Buckfast and Ginger Beer which was poured out of an award (there’s no other way to drink it).Β Best hug ever from @ZwartblesIE and a promise of a mini tweetup somewhere up the country. Then the trouble making with the lads from the @DonegalDollop began. There were stickers everywhere and I vaguely recall some balloon wearing and more stickers and Naked Gardening discussions. Then there was gin, gin, gin and thud.

Overall, a fantastic night with amazing people. Well done to Amanda, Lorna and Beatrice for organising it all. Roll on next year!

The three photos I took (I know, only three) are at the bottom…

Links I’ve found about the blog awards:

The NewFarmerette



Donegans Gardens


Me in my guna

Badge Making



9 responses to “Not In So Many Words

    • Thanks! It was awesome! Met so many brilliant people. It was so lovely people coming up to say hello πŸ™‚


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