The Kindness of Strangers

It has been a strange year, good and bad. I don’t know why, but at the moment I feel the year is over and I want to start next year already. Maybe it’s because I bought a new diary and want to fill it up or more so that there were pot holes in the already bumpy road and I want to move forward. Or maybe because around a year ago, I made decisions, my life took a new path, actually several paths with lots of different directions and opportunity. New thinking led me to being a tad more adventurous and open to meeting more people (and actually talking to them) and not just people stuck in my phone (actually, I’ve met some of the people stuck in my phone!).

I must say, one thing I have noticed this year is how generous people are.

Something from my childhood sticks in my head, it’s a story from an Enid Blyton book ‘One Good Turn Deserves Another’. I can’t remember the details of the story. I remember that one person/elf/fairy did something nice for someone else, and that someone else did something nice for somebody else and so forth and eventually someone did something nice for the person who started it. I always thought it was such a lovely idea, a good version of a vicious circle.

So, when I can, I do something nice for someone, however small it may be, you never know what may come of it.

A recent offer of kindness really blew me away. At the Polytunnel course, I offered a lift to a woman going to Mallow train station. This was in the opposite direction to where I was going and added an extra 30 minutes to my journey but I didn’t mind, after all it’s nice to be nice. During the day I had spoken to a man about how I hadn’t managed much vegetable growing this year because of various reasons and how I needed a fence to keep ponies and dogs out. A few days later, I received an email from this man saying how he noticed my good deed and knew it was out of my way and he wanted to help build a fence for me. And he did. He picked up the materials I needed and gave two days of his time to help me. We dug holes, drove in stakes, put up wire, hammered, built a gate and chatted and I now have a sanctuary. The next step is to design it and decide what I’m growing and where!

Fence building

Something else happened that I probably should have mentioned in my World Social Media Day post but wanted to hold off until everything had been transferred. After we all did our talking bit, @patphelan made a lovely gesture, he had bought me my own domain so from here on in I can officially tell people and not have to do a small presentation explaining the old wordpress address (which will still work by way!). Thank you Pat!

The beautiful Zoe, from @MadeByZoex, sent some stunning handmade bunting for Tabitha’s room. I was sent a card full of words encouragement for no reason at all from someone who’s courage I am in awe of, people have popped bits into the post for me, a CD for T, offers to send seeds. The list goes on and these are all from people I have never met. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little faith in humanity and if you give a little, you will be surprised what you get in return. It seems to be constantly surprising me at the moment.




15 responses to “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Love this, and it is so the way forward. If you can’t be kind, what is there?
    Love the new diary too! The joy of starting to fill in your details…hopes, phone numbers, plans, addresses, promises and more!


    • People really seem to be reaching out to people at the moment. I like doing things for people. Even picked up a teddy a kid had dropped and the parents hadn’t noticed but they were ever so grateful. My diary is an RHS one, so for garden things. Super excited πŸ™‚


  2. I have found that even a small kindness from a stranger can have a tremendous impact. Both on the person giving and receiving. I hope your diary gets filled with more examples! Thank you for a lovely post.


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