Here Goes Something

I appear to have inadvertently stopped blogging. I think this is due to a tad bit of a blogging block, lack of inspiration, time and various other reasons.

I did however want to want to write to tell you, my mysterious readers that there are new ventures ahead for me. Today, I will be attending an Open Day/Induction for a new course I’ve been harping on about on twitter. The course is Organic Horticulture (I know, you’re all terribly surprised!)! It’s a distance learning course so will take part online and in my own garden. Whilst I like the geeky aspect of studying online I feel I’m missing out on the social part. In saying that the course has a really good online forum and there are various practical days and visits to places.

Again, it’s not been an easy place for me to get to (easy! Where’s the fun in that, right?) but I have had the support and encouragement from people who are very important to me (and for some reason believe in me!) so it’s time to do this!

As you may have read before, I don’t want to go back to work in a job I hate and I want to be able to show T that she can do the things that are important to her, no matter tough they are or long they take as at the end of the day, once we are happy that’s all that matters.

This is just a small (but actually really big and scary) step for me to take and probably seems easy peasy, lemon squeezey to you, but really, you have no idea what this means to and for me.

So, on that note. I bid you goodnight and hope you all send me a little luck tomorrow as right now I am a bundle of nerves and excitement.

Boom! All set for notetaking!

4 responses to “Here Goes Something

  1. Go you πŸ™‚ you will be brilliant I can’t keep a houseplant alive . Anything you really want to do is never easy at the start and maybe for some time but eventually it does get easier . You are great to show T that nothing good comes without lots of hard work and sacrifice . I am very proud of you going back to study , I would love to but just not the nerve will be thinking of you today πŸ™‚ x


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