This Garden of Mine

Sometimes it’s not always rosy in the garden. I have been busy, honestly, I have. I have just been busy doing nothing and everything! Of course the wet weather hasn’t helped and has made getting out in the garden most uninspiring and I have really felt lacking in motivation.

We all know from my previous posts I had plans, lots and lots of plans. I sort of got wrapped up in these plans and started to panic that I wouldn’t get them done. Guess what? I haven’t got anything done! Okay, maybe that is a tad dramatic, there has been progress, just very slow but I will be all set for next year. After all, slow and steady wins the race.

I joined my local GIY (Grow It Yourself) group, mostly to get tips and advice, meet people, seed swap and all the other bits and pieces that go with it and when I explained to the group co-ordinator that it just wasn’t my year, she came to have a look. She told me straight out to get a digger in and some topsoil and they would organise a meitheal with members of the GIY group.

The vegetable patch to be (June)!

So another few phone calls and another 4 tonne of topsoil was delivered and I hired mini digger to clear the patch of large stones, weeds and spread the topsoil. There was great excitement in the house that day between me and T and I’m pretty sure the digger man thought I was a little mad fawning over his bright yellow JCB!

More Topsoil!

Mini Digger Heaven!

Cleared of large stones, weeds and any rubbish which was used to fill a dip outside the back door and covered with topsoil

Another week later, the GIYers arrived one evening and cleared the small stones and weeds and within two hours the patch was looking so much more manageable.


My next plan was to build a fence around the patch (that’s a whole other blog post!) so I could have a dog and horse free area and not have to lie awake at night worrying about my lovely pea seedlings being pulled out of their seed trays and munched on by the horses and Lester digging holes amongst my lettuces (it has happened!). As the horses were grazing in another field I thought I would fill up two raised beds anyway and throw in 30 pea plants (which I had forgotten about in my cold frame) along with two Goldy Courgette plants. All planted with an attitude of ‘if I get something small from them, it’s better than nothing!’. The peas only fruited a small bit, mostly ate them raw while weeding, but last night I harvested 2lbs of Goldies which will be turned into a chutney of some kind, and there’s more to come too.

Higgledy Piggedly pea frame

Purple Podded Peas

Goldy Courgettes

With the help of my sister we chopped down overhanging trees, cleared a ground elder, laid old carpet over weeds and tidied up.

Weapons of Choice


Over the winter I hope to build and fill more raised beds, come up with some kind of planting plan (any advice welcome!), search for tyres to grow spuds in and work out how exactly to utilise the lovely stone walls I have.

Even though this year I failed with the whole being self sufficent in vegetables, I have a new found love of flowers which did quite well for me this year!

We all know that any kind of gardening is good for the soul so I will leave you with this nugget!

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.



11 responses to “This Garden of Mine

  1. Lovely πŸ™‚ Have you planted anything for winter? There’s enormous joy to be had in the cold wet months of Jan – March, picking your own kale, chard etc. Do it!


    • I’ve two raised beds on the go at the moment which have raddishes, lettuces and spinach. I’m not sure what will winter well without a polytunnel to be honest and that horticultural fleece would probably mean we wouldn’t have a christmas but I am always up for giving anything a go so do might try the chard (not a big kale fan!) πŸ™‚


  2. *Speaks with the fervour of a recent convert* Some of the kales are gorgeous, finely chopped and stir-fried with garlic. The only reason I grew them was that a man at the market gave me a bag of Cavolo Nero and made me promise to try it. I’ve hated all brassicas all my life… ask my mom. But kale was a shock to me – flavour filled, not cabbagy, seriously good. Way nicer than chard, though don’t tell chard i said that. Try a Red Russian or a Cavolo Nero.


  3. Your garden looks fantastic, and I’m hungry looking at your courgettes. I don’t even have a balcony in my apartment but I’m trying to grow herbs in the window sill. So far, my pot of thyme died, I have an over-abundance of parsley, and my pot of coriander doesn’t know whether it wants to wither up and die or keep growing.


    • Oh, well fair go for trying! I find that the easiest things to grow are Rocket πŸ™‚ I planted some last week and they are shooting up like mad things! I’m useless with herbs and actually never use them in cooking 😦


  4. Good work and so rewarding down the line, when you don’t have much time but the harvest keeps coming because of the work put in other years.

    I highly recommend herbs for both flavour and their medicinal qualities. My husband was growing them long before I figured out what to do with them, but worth checking out recipes and benefits.


    • Thanks for reading and your lovely comment. I’m great at growing stuff but terrible at cooking (I do make a good salad though). I will have to up my game a bit and bite the bullet and try new things πŸ™‚


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