I’m an awful bloggard…

It’s actually sunk in. I think.
On Friday Blog Awards Ireland published the long, the really very long list of nominated Irish blogs.

I had planned an early night, actually I was in bed and there it was, all shiny and newly published and it had my name in various places, eight different places. Eight. Eight. It’s my new favourite number (used to be seven).

I can’t really describe what went through my head. Utter joy and shock.
I celebrated. I got out of bed and made a cup of tea and had a packet of chocolate buttons.

The categories my blog has been nominated in are:

  • Best Photography Blog
  • Best Blog Post – World Naked Gardening Day
  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Newcomer Blog
  • Best Eco/Green Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Sport/Recreation Blog
  • Best Humour Blog

I feel very greedy. But it feels very good, is that terrible?

I fell in love with blogging very quickly. Someone I admire, and whose opinion I value told me I could do it and I should do it. That was the encouragement I needed to start and I am grateful for that.

So, a massive thank you to everyone who nominated my blog, I have no idea who y’all are but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, thank you to Lorna, Amanda and Beatrice who took it upon themselves to set up Blog Awards Ireland up and make Irish bloggers known. It’s an incredible undertaking and they continue to do a fantastic job. Since the long list has been published I have discovered lots of wonderful new blogs hidden in the depths of the internet.

The short list will be published in September so here’s hoping!

blog awards ireland

Also I have added a board on Pinterest dedicated to Irish Blogs if you would like to have a look.


9 responses to “I’m an awful bloggard…

  1. As usual you have yet again put a HUGE smile on my face:))

    I,m so pleased for you, it’s no surprise and you could win them all.
    Just the way you write, what you write lights up my day, congratulations.


  2. I agree with paul.. I loved that World Naked Gardening Day Post… who knew Barbie and Ken were so naughty… the Mattel version of 50 shades of grey eh!still makes me laugh!! Genius post.
    Best of luck honey!


  3. Yes you’ve guessed it. World Gardening Day is what I’m here to comment about. Gleefully delightful.
    Mind you all your posts are delightful. A touch of Belle brightens up any beasts day. So well done on the nominations, I’m in good company.
    Your Toy Soldier,


  4. well done, and well deserved your blog has become one of my daily reads, ya never know what you are going to find here and that’s why I love it. Good luck for the shortlist!


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