I Laugh in the Face of Rejection

Rejection. It sucks but it happens. Every day we experience rejection on some level. The small things being the dog not coming back when called or the bunny trying to hop out of your arms (thank you Violet). The bigger things being applications for jobs and mortgages, friendships and relationships. Which when you think about it is a lot of rejection to experience and most of the time we take it in our stride, maybe after a few tears. On top of these everyday things I believe we constantly reject ourselves but on a subconscious level. I don’t look good, I’m having a bad hair/skin/face day, I’m fat and nothing fits, I’m not clever enough etc. Well I do anyway and it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

At the moment it’s about my physical fitness and appearance, constantly thinking I’m not quite where I want to be but finding it very hard to get motivated. And yes, I want to be skinnier (not model skinny, just what’s right for me). Not because I want to look like a model but because I want to feel good about myself and have that confidence I miss (you know the one, early 20’s, do what you want, where you want, when you want). Of course I want to be fit and healthy too but it appears body image (how I want to see myself not how other people want to see me) is my number one priority, my motivation. I believe if I am happy in my own skin the rest will fall into place.

I don’t have money for gyms, bootcamp or exercise classes so I’ve started running again. Something I’ve not done in a few years. Today I ran the furthest I’ve run yet and when I didn’t stop at my normal place to walk (interval training) and kept going and going, I just beamed. I was quite chuffed with myself. It automatically made me feel better, more confident and happier. I am still finding it hard to motivate myself the days in between, even just getting out for a walk seems like so much effort. Along with exercise I’ve taken on the healthy eating thing again. I won’t bore you but it involves, less carbohydrates, small portions, more fruit and vegetables.

Running with Dr. Sox

My friend on twitter has the same amount of weight to lose as me so we are spurring each other on, telling each other what we eat and have exercised.

I know this will all take time but I am terribly impatient and want to see results now!

I found this on Pinterest earlier and I thought it was just what I needed to remind me good things come to those who wait and work hard.


Next on my list is to learn how to accept compliments and not brush them off as really, when you think about it, it’s insulting to the person offering them as that is their perception of you, their opinion and you should value other people’s opinions even if you don’t agree with them. So, I predict lots of smiling, nodding, awkwardness and grinning and bearing it in my future.

I think we need to be much kinder to ourselves. After all, we live for a very long time.





12 responses to “I Laugh in the Face of Rejection

  1. Thanks Belle for sharing in your post. I’ve got a lot of rejection, body issues and within myself too at the moment.What with horrid job interviews and all that cake catching up with me! E x


    • I am the same. I was so good and lost a lot of weight and then Easter happened and it’s piled back on. I’m sick of feeling crappy about myself, I just need to make conscious decisions about what I’m eating and hopefully it will become a habit πŸ™‚ x


  2. I’m on the same path at the moment, hoping to return to being fit and healthy. Love that quote about seeing change. It’s been just over three weeks for me now, and I see a lot of changes, in my strength, my general well-being, and my mood. I really hope I keep it up and look forward to seeing how much I’ve changed in another month, and another month after that again.


    • That’s brilliant to hear Lisa. It can be very tough and with kids. The lack of sleep makes me want to eat more sugary foods for energy and it turns into a vicious cycle. We’ll have to keep each other posted on how we are doing! πŸ™‚ x


  3. Lovely post Belle. I am in the same zone at the moment, having given up cigarettes and replaced them with Rich Tea! So I’m walking and loving it. Also on a detox at the moment to give the weight loss a headstart. Because if you’re pleased with what you see in the mirror, it gives a great start to everyday. Go you, go me!


  4. Hi Belle, great post, brave too.

    You met me at the tweetup in Cork in the Spring, I\’ve got multiple personalities online, one of them is @niamhnich and I\’ve started a journey to fitness myself so you are certainly not alone in your efforts. I am no where near ready to run, still walking and encouraging others to come with me on some or all of my journey.

    Also, have you checked out http://www.facebook.com/thegritdoctor ?
    Best of luck to you Belle


  5. One of the greatest things that happened to me on twitter was finding someone like you, every time I see an email from your blog I smile :))

    Enjoy the compliment, it’s ment with total admiration


  6. Such a lovely honest post. It is true we we are too hard on ourselves. I am also starting out running again. I never feel better than when I am regularly active. It can be hard to find time but it’s definitely worth it when you do . It’s a good thing you found a partner…always good for spurring each other on.


  7. Yes great post!Bang on about all those little rejections that chip away at you, thanks for bringing them out into the open. Its easy to dismiss them but they matter. Next door neighbours dog who I thought was my friend snarled at me last week and I was really hurt!:)Talk about rejection!I was running a lot too but have been downed with a few injuries and feeling old and fat. Splashed out on a new pair of runners though and went out for the first run in 5 weeks yesterday. I am determined to get there. Really helps to know others are out there doing it too:)


  8. Belle – good on you for taking the challenge of getting fit again. It’s been 9 months since I had my daughter Molly and it is a bit of a battle isn’t it, getting back into shape. Getting the endorphins flowing by getting out there for a run can only be a good thing and will definitely make you feel sooooooooo much better! Keep it up girl!


    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Exercise has taken a back seat at the moment, I think the weather is contributing to lack of motivation. It’s going to be a long winter. Must try and push through it and make it a habit!


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