If It’s For You, It Won’t Pass You By

This post has been brought to you by sleep deprivation, a small glass of gin and an overactive mind.


It’s always handy when you know people who can do stuff, isn’t it? Most girls (no offence girls) want to be friends with a hairdresser or someone who worked in a fabulous shop who could get an even more fabulous discount and maybe someone really useful like a mechanic or a nail technician. Maybe I even thought that at one point when my life was more about what I wore and who I was heading out dancing with that weekend whereas now it’s how the hell am I going to pay xyz. Now all I want is to know someone with a van or a trailer or a digger or who has a decent drill, is competent at building stuff (maybe knock me up a rabbit hutch out of a few lollypop sticks) and who can teach me all they know, of course!

Alas, I’m still not walking in the right circles and I have no friends with diggers or drills….yet. And this does sometimes make me sad. Pathetic would be more of an appropriate word I suppose. Imagine wanting to be friends with someone because of something they have. That’s incredibly shallow. That’s not how it works, is it? Well, my friends ‘have’ great personalities, traits and characters. Is it shallow that I am friends with them because of these reasons? No.

Ps. If you have a van, digger, trailer, a drill and are competent at building and would like to apply to be my friend, please send your details on a postcard πŸ˜‰

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