Ultra Violet

See, I have gone and done it again. This is exactly like when I fostered Walter, I was all sad after losing Reuben.Β  I should not be allowed near pet shops. Or petting farms. Or wildlife parks. Or animal rescue websites. Especially when feeling a tad lonely and all nurture-y. Because apparently a rabbit makes fixes all that. You know, bunny cuddles and all that.


Rabbit in her box

Her name is Violet (after some great suggestions like Eamon, fifty and grey…wonder what was trending on twitter at the time). She’s 10 weeks old and is the cutest thing alive. She nestles under my chin (I won’t talk about the scratches) for cuddles. She has ginormous paws and her nose constantly twitches. I’m in bunny love!


Outside for the very first time

Probably not the smartest move I have made, having four dogs in the house and a toddler but so far so good, nobody has eaten anyone yet. All I need now is an outside bunny emporium for her and then I’ll think about a second one, for company for her. And you know, because I do everything in twos.


Phwoar! She’s got legs up to her ears…no wait they are her ears


And a smooshy one…


Bunny Cuddles


One response to “Ultra Violet

  1. Aw what a lovely wabbit!

    Guinea Pigs are best company for female rabbits as two does will fight, a boy hutch mate and, well, ahem…you know! We found that out the hard way! πŸ™‚



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