World Social Media Day


Who better to put the social in social media than a bunch of strangers addicted to their smartphones and laptops! So lovers of blogging, tweeting, facebooking and pinning all gathered in the Rubicon Centre in Bishopstown last Saturday for World Social Media Day.

For those of you who know me, I don’t ‘do’ public speaking but when the organiser, Margaret Smith from UmmNumNum, asked me to speak at it I said ‘Ah I’ll think about it!’ and of course what kept coming into my mind was that blooming F*cket List I made. So eventually I said yes. I had plenty of time to prepare but yes, I was sitting in my pajamas at 9am that morning starting finishing my presentation and somehow managed to even fit in taking some photos and making a new blog header (Do you like it by the way?).

From 10.30 – 4pm there were workshops covering stuff like Raspberry Pi, photography and blogging. There were speakers too, everything from Internet Security and Coding to Social Media and Health Related Matters and Various Aspects of Social Media Use. I was part of the last one. Yes, me! They dragged me out from behind my twitter feed and I stood in front of real live people and talked at to them! Well, when I say talked it was more croaked, as  I had lost of my voice (I assumed it was hiding with my mind somewhere!).

I arrived at Rubicon on the CIT Campus with about, oh, a minute to spare so I had no time to be nervous! I was up along side Imogen Bertin (Digital Marketing Lecturer in UCC – How Social Media and the “uncollege” movement are changing options for education), Victor Sullivan (Sliver Surfer), Stephen Spillane ( – Political Junkie and LGBT activist) and Vicki Mountjoy ( and Me (mum, blogger and tweeter).

Each panelist had such interesting things to say in relation to how they use social media; students for college lectures and study groups, business, campaigns, social aspects. Pretty much an endless list. I chatted about how I use social media in my day to day pottering. About how twitter is my social outlet, where I go to for advice and support and how I’ve made friends, about how I don’t like facebook much anymore and also added in Google+, Instragram and Pinterest . I talked about how, why and when my blog started. I talked about World Naked Gardening Day, my F*cket List, stats and I know I left out loads of stuff!

When all that was over I had booked myself into a workshop on ‘Blog Photography’ run by the lovely Neil Danton. Neil asked us what we wanted to know and everything from formats to smartphones to copyright was covered. He gave some great hints and tips and I came away from that workshop feeling a lot bit more confident about blogging my photos.

I managed to catch the end of the Social Media and Health Related Matters talk and then wangled my way into another workshop taught by the beautiful Lilly Higgins from Stuff I Make, Bake and Love on How to Make Money from Blogging – Hints on How to Get Published. I think I (literally) found my voice at this one and was able to relate a lot to what Lilly spoke about and I even got a hug from her after!

And that was that! Of course now I want to do it all over again and cannot wait for next year and be involved again.

Just to add a massive thank you to Margaret for organising the whole day and the party afterwards (I’m not telling you anything about the party except there was drinking and dancing and more people!). It was an absolute honour to be involved!


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