Cobh, Crème Brûlée and Cathedrals

Twitter is a funny old place really. I follow lots of interesting people, some I like a lot, some who make me laugh, some with whom I debate and some with whom I share secrets. I’ve even made  real life friends (albeit some still virtual). And yes, I follow those people I don’t like and their timeline is like a car crash and I can’t help but look, quite voyeuristic I guess. My timeline is quite eclectic really, there are gardeners, mums, dads, environmentalists, comedians, local people, animal people, artists, foodies, business people…you see where I’m going here.

Sometimes there’s a person you just click with and you get chatting over the most random of things. This time it happened to be a chef who was in the middle of moving to Cobh. The usual banter was had and I finally threatened him with a ‘I’m going to come eat where you work’ tweet (half joking as we all know I love food and any excuse not to cook for myself). His response was pretty much ‘when?’. Then there was this whole vegetarian thing. ‘It’s not a goats cheese tartlet type menu is it?’. I can honestly say it wasn’t. Now I don’t generally do ‘reviews’, I either like something or I don’t but after I ventured to Gilbert’s Restaurant & Townhouse in Cobh on Sunday I do believe they deserve a good mention.

Gilberts (taken from their website)

Having just ever so slightly missed the lunch menu, they very kindly accommodated us with the full lunch menu and the evening à la carte menu. This meant that there were at least five vegetarian options in total (FIVE, I know! Vegetarians you can pick yourself up now!).

  • Gnocchi in a Creamy Sauce with Spinach and Chestnut
  • Wild Rice Ragout
  • Linguini of Courgette in a Creamy Chilli Sauce
  • Veggie Quiche
  • Poached Pear Salad with Blue Cheese and Toasted Pine Nut

I chose the Gnocchi for me and T and when it arrived I have to say it was the best gnocchi I have ever tasted. The contrasting texture of the chestnuts with the gnocchi gave the dish a unique slant from the generic creamy pasta style dishes. Along with the texture the chestnuts added a sweetness to the creamy sauce.

The other veggie ordered the Poached Pear Salad. The warm pears complimented the blue cheese nicely and the pine nuts added a crunch to the leafy salad.

Alas, I never got a photo of either dish, I just couldn’t wait to tuck in (maybe it was a subconscious decision that ensures I must go back again!).

I did however get a picture of dessert. Which was Crème Brûlée. Served with Rhubarb compote and a Pistachio biscuit and absolutely divine.

Crème Brûlée

I have to say, aside from the excellent food and range of vegetarian choices (Ok, I’ll shut up now about it), the service was impeccable. The staff were extremely friendly, polite and pleasant. I couldn’t imagine anywhere more lovely to have a meal with friends on a Sunday afternoon.


As the sun was still shinning, the only thing left to do was to stroll around the town, along the promenade and quayside walk, enjoying a beverage outside a local pub before the climb to Cobh Cathedral to witness stunning panoramic views of the town and harbour.

A truly lovely unexpected afternoon all because of connections made on twitter.

The other veggie (@Roddy_Star)
Cobh Cathedral
T enjoying the views from the Cathedral

8 responses to “Cobh, Crème Brûlée and Cathedrals

  1. Ya gotta love the tweet box ! Looks lovely there. We have just gone veggie in this house, must remember this place who knows I may make it to Cobh one day !


  2. Love going to Cobh! Went there for many years when the kids were younger and I have to say we absolutely loved it. Being a vegetarian Gilberts is definitely on the ‘to-go-to’ list! What a fantastic vegetarian menu, one of the best I have seen in a while. Another great blog and photos!


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