Bye Bye Walter

We are happy to report that Walter has found a lovely new home and has gone to live in the city.
We are sad to see him go, he was a very sweet, loving puppy and I think Lester will really miss him.
We wish Walter and his new mum and dad a very happy life together


So, this week I caved. I saw on one of the many dog rescue groups on facebook that an 8 week old Labrador x puppy was looking for a foster home. I weighed up my options. We all know what happened last time I took on a foster puppy, yes, he’s out the back digging up potatoes and chewing things he really shouldn’t. I have been feeling ever so sad about Reuben and I thought maybe I should do something in the poor sod’s honour so I emailed. And they emailed me back and inside on my couch snoozing is the most cutest, pudgiest and cleverest puppy in the world.

Snoozing Puppy

We named him Walter, it suits him, I’m convinced he has a 1940’s face and a trilby would suit him down the ground. He’s awfully playful, sweet, affectionate, cuddly and he’s not bad at the whole house training…

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One response to “Bye Bye Walter

  1. OH . MY . GOODNESS! He is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I don’t dare look at any animal adoption/fostering sites as I’d have a house full. one huge rabbit is enough with our crazy toddlers 😀

    So lovely you were able to give him a loving family home until a permanent one was found x


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