Meet Walter

So, this week I caved. I saw on one of the many dog rescue groups on facebook that an 8 week old Labrador x puppy was looking for a foster home. I weighed up my options. We all know what happened last time I took on a foster puppy, yes, he’s out the back digging up potatoes and chewing things he really shouldn’t. I have been feeling ever so sad about Reuben and I thought maybe I should do something in the poor sod’s honour so I emailed. And they emailed me back and inside on my couch snoozing is the most cutest, pudgiest and cleverest puppy in the world.

Snoozing Puppy

We named him Walter, it suits him, I’m convinced he has a 1940’s face and a trilby would suit him down the ground. He’s awfully playful, sweet, affectionate, cuddly and he’s not bad at the whole house training lark. He woke me up at 2.30am, 5am and just before 7am by lying on my neck or biting my hand. I took him outside, he peed and we went straight back to bed. He’s quite good with T except for the odd nip but he is only a puppy and me and T do the sharp ‘Eeeee’ and stop playing with him (like his mother would do) and he’s learning. He has a little hernia on his belly, but the vet said that it will either go away or can be sorted out at the time of neutering. He has been wormed and vaccinated (booster in 4 weeks). He’s pretty much the ideal puppy really!

Cutest Paw Ever!

I am not keeping him, honestly! Even though a bazillion people have said that I will (you know who you are and you’re all wrong!). I am not ready for another dog yet so in an effort to find him a forever home I have written this post which I’m hoping will break twitter with all the retweets its going to get!

Cuteness Overload!

If you just want to have a look a look at Walter’s tweets and pictures you can follow #meetwalter on twitter.

Best Friends

If you are interesting in adopting Walter you can contact Cork Dog Action Welfare Group.


4 responses to “Meet Walter

  1. So wish i could adopt him…..but the trip to australia may be a tad too much for him & the fact we are not completely fenced may prove a little hazardous for walter……So sorry to hear about Reuben…..i had to put my cat down a couple of months ago. it was so hard, but definitely time. Didn’t want to see him suffer……Lately ruby has been asking to get another cat & sooner or later i am sure we will…..just need a little more time. (i am with everyone else…..i am sure u will not let go of walter!!) xxx


  2. OMG cutness overload Belle…. I love this post. I hope Walter gets a good family. He has been blessed to start his life with yours!!!


  3. Reblogged this on limmster and commented:

    We are happy to report that Walter has found a lovely new home and has gone to live in the city.
    We are sad to see him go, he was a very sweet, loving puppy and I think Lester will really miss him.
    We wish Walter and his new mum and dad a very happy life together


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