Film and Boats

Just a quick post about my Sunday evening after the Rare Plant Fair where I headed to a screening of Hithcock’s Strangers on a Train for the Cork World Book Festival (yeah I can’t work that one out either, apparently this film was an adaptation of a novel so that makes it ok to watch a film at a book festival!). There I met fellow blogger and tweeter Mark (@YearOfFestivals) who is (in his own words) “on a quest to attend 3 Irish festivals every week for a year”. Mad Bugger!

Film was good, company was good and then I took this picture so my Sunday was made. Also got to see a container ship do a 53 point turn which was kind of awesome.

Overlooking River Lee

And not an instagram filter in sight.

If you like a good blog to read you really should check out Mark’s blog A Year of Festivals in Ireland. Go on, you know you want to.


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