Riff Rack

About two weeks ago, I was in a nearby town and decided to wander into this salvage yard/second hand furniture/junk shop and low and behold I came out with a plate rack and a rotten but very pretty shelf all for the stellar price of €30. The thing is, I didn’t actually like the plate rack. It was shiny dark brown for a start, had a thin sheet of  plywood type wood as a back, was shoddily screwed together and had no character.


So I took a trip to a local hardware shop and bought paint stripper, three different types of sandpaper and a paint scraper and off I went.

I took the whole thing apart, sloshed on the paint stripper, scraped it off, repeated, then sanded it to a nice finish. I had to sand the pieces of dowelling individually as they were a little awkward to scrape!


All the bits and pieces stripped and sanded

As it will be going next to my shelves in the kitchen I figured I’d keep the blue theme (especially as I had loads of paint left over…kind of wishing I had painted them red to match my medicine clock and saucepan!)

First coat

Reuben supervising

After putting it back together and *ahem* having to take it apart again and put it back together correctly, this is what the finished product looks like. I also sanded the blue paint when dry with fine sandpaper to distress it a bit (most disheartening after painting it!) It’s yet to go on the wall and I may paint dark blue ivy trail up the sides but I am quite happy with the finished product.


All in all it cost me about €40 which is about what the ugly ones from shops cost!

Go me *chuffed*

I have two new ‘old’ shelves to strip and paint and distress and I’m even eyeing up the Monk’s bench upstairs to give it a new lease of life. Not blue though!


5 responses to “Riff Rack

    • I know! I have very pretty off while plates with a cockerel in the centre and dotted with red hearts and blue dots. Oh like the cups I hung a week or two ago 🙂


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